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Things I Love Thursday!

It’s clear that I’ve been rubbish at the catching up on blogging since the move/new job, but I remembered it’s Thursday before 10pm, so here’s this week’s TILT!!

I had ’em for dinner last night and MeShell over at Vegan in Your City has been posting about them.. I LOVE TACOS SO MUCH. Handheld satchels of goodness. It reminds me, I really gotta make Jackfruit ‘pulled pork’ for tacos again soon. I love tacos almost as much as GIR does..

Moving along on the food-related vein, I love that one of my favourite bakeries in Toronto now has a Kensington Market location! I swung by last night and picked up a box of goodies to celebrate their closeness to me now. Butter tarts, mini-pies, and a delicious muffin that I shared for breakfast this morning. Mmmm. Now what they need is some killer espresso machine action and seats on that patio space!

I love that I have a 4 day weekend coming up! That I have no plans or commitments for! So much chilling out, pottering in the apartment finishing settling in, hopefully getting out into the sun with Adam and Jake when we are all free together. Plus seeing some movies and hopefully finally finishing Orange is the New Black!

That’s what’s making me happy this week.. which reminds me, it should be time for a new Pop Culture Happy Hour episode soon – they wrap up each episode with a segment called “what’s making me happy this week” which is always lovely, and usually full of great recommendations for tv, music, books & comic books! Check it out.

Thursday & the things I love today! TILT returns, and so do I.

Well, well. Here I am again, back at the helm! So far June’s been a pretty busy, challenging time for me, so writing even the basics here has not been a priority. I started a new job just at the end of May, and then on the 1st of June we moved apartments. I would recommend to anyone that this is not the greatest idea in the world, but it just kinda worked out that way. At least it’s all out of the way and summer can get on, now!

So to kick off this first TILT of the summer, let’s give some love to my new place! We’re still not fully unpacked and organized, but the important stuff is there, and we have a totally sweet new couch! It’s a nice little one bedroom, north facing, and in the ‘hood with Grange Park and the Art Gallery of Ontario! And I love that it’s such a short walk to work for me!
We’ve spent a lot of our downtime between unpacking playing a lot of Mario Kart 8. Oh man, is it ever fun! I have slowly been improving since I first sat down to play, but Adam still beats me every time. Just like at board games! I can swear loudly a lot more when sitting down to a Grand Prix of Mario Kart 8, though 😀 The best part of the release of this game has been the wonderful video captures and GIFs of Mario Kart TV, showing fantastic driver reactions. Especially Luigi’s death stare. I love it so much.
Toronto is still rockin’ on being a great city for vegans, and this weekend will be no exception! The city’s first vegan pop up market is happening on Sunday June 15th. I am so looking forward to going to an event like this, that I know is curated to contain great vendors, and that I can walk around happy to spend my money knowing it won’t compromise my values. Hoorah! Maybe you’ll come too?
Last of all, I love that the snacks at work contain delicious vegan options, including Cocoa Camino’s wonderful dark chocolate peanut butter bars. Mmmmm. Sugar fuel and happiness.

Things I Love Thursday! Get your love on.

I know it wasn’t that long ago I TILTed, but it feels like forever. Despite the damp weather out there in Toronto, I shan’t be dissuaded from finding things to be positive about! Like how, despite the rain, it’s been pretty lovely to stroll around as it tries its hardest to Spring here.

My last couple of weeks at my current job are upon me, as my contract ends at the person on mat leave comes back – I’ll be sad to go! But it’s been a terrific place to work. I have a couple of interviews lined up next week (yay!) for places that I am similarly enthused about, so that’s something to love.

While I chug through the last of my organizing and to-do lists here at the office, I’ve been relying on Google Play Music to serve up tunes for me as I work. Despite a couple of holes in very indie Australian music (understandable) and an almost complete lack of Bikini Kill (unaccepable), it’s been fairly good! I’m hoping it will get me listening to more music, I’ve been terrible at it over the last few years. In fact, I rarely listen to a whole album at a time any more. I’m currently spinning Fugazi’s The Argument in the background, and holy smokes I bloody love this album.

Did you know that my favourite TV show is Twin Peaks? You do now! (You may have thought it was Firefly. Close, but no Serenity.) I love that damn show as much as Agent Cooper loves black coffee and cherry pie. I have had not one, but two, viewing parties at which I have ensured there has been either cherry pie or donuts on hand, and a big whopping french press of damn hot coffee. So I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the show (yes, I love both seasons, shut up!) and all the goodies therein. The only issue I can see is the lack of Blu-Ray player once we’re no longer living with someone who owns a PS3.. hmmm…

Last of all, I love people being awesome, especially when it comes to calling bullshit in the world. At a school with a completely shitty and misogynist dress code, a young woman made some terrific signs to hang up that very clearly pointed it out. The best! Keep it awesome, whoever you are!

What are you into today, internet?

Things I love – and I’m managing to post on Thursday!

What a week! After the first weekend of the Gathering I came home to Toronto for work and my friend Amy being in town. Tomorrow I’m back to the Gathering for the last weekend! I love it.

I also loved having Amy here. What top notch company she is! Plus, we ate the delicious foods. We got to lunch at Hogtown Vegan while I caught up with another of my English friends who’s in town periodically. Then a very civilised grown up dinner at Grasslands last night before she scooted home today! Company and food = win.

My work week has been highs and lows of busy, sometimes to the extreme. Today was long, but worthwhile. Many things to be fond of. Leftovers from meeting food, my boss telling me I’m great, plus getting to sit in on a trans*/gender ID informational training session!

I love that chill out feeling, getting to catch up in shows while hanging out and crafting in the couch. I watched a terrific show on Netflix called the Bletchley Circle, which I highly recommend. Plus I caught up on SHIELD in the wake of Captain America 2.

And I love the feeling of total physical satisfaction when flopping into bed at the end of a long day/week. Which is the blissful state in which I am now going to slip out of and into slumber. Onward into Friday, dear readers! Onward into a weekend of friends and fun and games!

When I grow up..

I’ve just finished Colonel Chris Hadfield‘s book An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, which was a great read. I found the nuts and bolts of hearing what it’s like being an astronaut pretty fascinating, but woven throughout is this theme of knowing what you want out of life and working towards it as best you can. Wanting to be an astronaut when you’re a kid is.. well, it’s just one of those things.  But even as a young Canadian with no in-country prospects of being an astronaut, he worked toward it and it happened. 

When I look back at my childhood, I don’t recall any particular calling or profession standing out as what I wanted to be “when I grow up”. Nothing like “I will be a doctor, a lawyer, a movie star”, as far as I recall. I enjoyed languages and photography, but they were interests not something I thought I could work in as an adult. Perhaps the closest I came to having a career aspiration was perhaps maybe working with animals in some capacity (I loved nature documentaries and wildlife fascinated me then – as it does to this day). Despite my interest in school and my affinity for biology out of all the sciences, nothing came of it. I had no older siblings to look at for guidance as far as what to do when aiming for post-secondary studies and careers.

It’s no surprise I ended up taking half-hearted shots at courses that were accessible at a regional university near where I grew up (not even thinking a Bachelor of Arts was an option, because my guidance counselor never made it clear it wasn’t about art!). I got halfway through a degree in business/tourism before I realised I was miserable. Some of the study was interesting (it was there I first encountered Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), but as the possibility of working in a hotel or tourism destination for the rest of my life loomed, it was clear it wasn’t what I wanted. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but hey. First things first – accept I don’t want to be there, and choose to move on.

I ditched the degree, bummed around for a bit and after discussing with my then partner and my mum, I started a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland – aiming toward studying archaeology and anthropology, doing something I was interested in and seeing where it took me. Diving into that degree, rediscovering my life-long love of museums in the context of academic – well, I don’t regret at all taking it on,  and the graduate diploma in Museum Studies I took after that, because it was so very interesting and I felt like it was something I could be happy working in for the rest of my days.

Here’s the tough part, though – when you come at post-secondary studies from the position of “doing what’s interesting”, you’re not looking at realistic career prospects. There are possibilities, but they were fairly thin on the ground when I graduated. The industry is not huge in Australia, the turnover of positions within the industry less so. If I could have just gotten one basic paid fulltime museum collection management job, I’d have been set; I was volunteering and getting experience, and even interviewing for some positions, but nothing eventuated. So I jettisoned to the United Kingdom – where there’s more heritage/museum jobs, yes.. but the same problem as back home is there on a larger scale (plus, being there on a temporary visa didn’t help things). Now I’m settled in Canada, I’m back to facing the same trouble as back home – not a huge industry/turnover of jobs. Do I take a risk go back to school and get my Masters to try and bolster my chances of getting in at some level, or do I look elsewhere for a mid-30s career?

When I didn’t even know what I wanted to be when I was growing up, and only kinda figured out what I’d really like to be doing in the early 2000s, how am I to career-counsel myself now? Is it feasible to look at my skills and interests and discover something that’s not being a museum collection manager that I might like to do, and work toward that now? I certainly don’t want to be an administrative assistant all my life – perhaps I should find an organization I have a chance at working my way up in, and get in at the administrative level there? Figuring out this stuff without a helpfully pre-ordained career wishlist and to-do list from school-age Nicole is pretty perplexing.

Why couldn’t I have just wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up? (Well, the asthma probably would’ve been an early hitch.)

If only it were this easy to flowchart some career-wise shit.


Things I <3 Thursday!

One Thursday a month I have a long day at work, so it’s nice that I can write up a post like this to not focus on that but instead the Good Stuff. Roll on..

  • When Jake first gets up in the morning, he comes over to say hi before he goes out with Adam, and when they come back in Jake hops straight up next to me so we can cuddle til I have to get up and ready for work. It’s the best thing. Love that furmonster.
  • Being in a positive work environment with a lovely boss has been something I’ve been thankful for a lot lately, and it’s been very healing for my mental state. It’s nice to feel appreciated.
  • I’ve been using my Cuppow lid with my crochet-covered mason jar as my go-to travel mug lately, and it’s killer!
  • That I’ve been able to keep up with photo challenges, and be mostly happy with my output. Hoorah!
  • Delicious aspartame-free Pur Gum. In peppermint, only, though!
  • Isa Chandra’s got a new series of short cooking videos, Make it Vegan, and what I’ve watched so far I’ve loved! I think Terry Hope Romero’s working on a series of Vegan Mashup too. So many wonderful ladies making things!