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This week’s ‘digital dozen’ linkfest!

I’m going to lead today with something to bring your spirits up and make you smile – a Husky showing her pups how to play. Blissful!

I want this bed. No explanation necessary.

Gemma Correll’s ‘Modern Curses‘ really cut to the bone! Oh man..

Little skeletons, shadows barely seen, installed in the streets of Mexico. I love the diorama feel of these.

What you need is to watch this video of an adorable baby wombat getting belly rubs. It’s a few years old now, but it’s too cute to pass up – and you can read more about it here!

This installation provides some pretty awesome photo ops from all angles.

Incredibly tiny & detailed images.. ‘Postcards for Ants‘. I’d send them all.

More bookstore pranking from Obvious Plant! So much fun.

I love the surprises that animals can give us. I know crows are pretty smart, but seeing them play like this is an amazing thing!

Good art gets better with remixes; mixed media interactions in galleries needs to happen MORE!

Level up your table tennis game with ping pong in the round. This one’s for you, Eric.

The psychology of colour is so interesting! I know it’s been a marketing tool forever, but it’s also interesting when you’re looking at it in terms of interior design. Makes me wish all our apartment walls weren’t white.

Music Monday? Sure!

Next week I’m going to see Sleater-Kinney! They’re one of my all-time favourite bands, and I couldn’t believe my luck that, on top of a new album, there was going to be a tour, and Toronto was included in it (after the first wave of announcements). And PS, there are still tickets! So I’m going to have a little SK lovefest getting prepared for the show next week. Which is on a Monday and I’m sure that as an old lady it’s gonna be tough to make it all night, oof.

The most recent clip, which is a wonderful mashup with the great Bob’s Burgers!

This was one of the first songs that really grabbed my attention, as it was the current album when I started listening to them. So upbeat.

Call the Doctor is (with Dig me Out and the Hot Rock) are the rowdier, riot grrl less polished but still amazing gems. I tend to cherry pick from these albums depending on my mood.

All Hands on the Bad One and One Beat are the two albums I would have to include in a desert island survival pack (I even owned them on CD y’all!). They are amazing as standalone wholes, but I’ve often listened to them both on repeat. Above is one of my faves from AHOTBO (You’re No Rock ‘n’ Roll Fun), but here’s one from One Beat. I saw them for the first time the year One Beat came out in the hot sweaty venue known as the Zoo in Brisbane – I ran into them on the street and had my photo taken with them, even! Who knows where all that is now, probably on a backed up CD somewhere back home.

When the Woods came out, I flipped a little. The production was rich, and the guitars and effects were soul-grabbing. I was really moved by it. I still close my eyes at the start of this song every time and get drawn in by the riff.

When they toured the Woods, I broke my vow to never attend another Big Day Out and hopped a plane to Sydney to see them perform there (which was awesome because I also got to see Iggy & the Stooges and the Beasts of Bourbon!). And as I was already there, I saw them do a club show in Sydney too! It was so great. Here’s a few pics, which I do have:




But then the band went their separate ways. I saw Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss perform with Wild Flag, which was pretty great, and led me to discover how terrific their music was (but then they went their separate ways too). But nothing is ever quite the same as seeing one of your favourite bands, or having a new album drop from them!

SO! No Cities to Love and a tour. So excited. Sub Pop has the album to stream on YouTube, but I am particularly fond of this one. Makes a girl wanna tap her foot, y’know?

Digital Dozen, for your viewing pleasure.

Hello once again for your sort-of weekly link distraction.

These miniature street dioramas are almost hard to believe. So detailed and tiny. And gritty!

I am seriously considering dropping some money on a galaxy bedding set, because – why wouldn’t you want space all over you while you sleep? Exactly.

These flipbooks are hypnotic and amazing. I’m not sure I could pay this much for them, but they’re seriously cool.

I’m a sucker for gorgeous, colourful and neatly ordered photos. So this is like candy to me. The artist’s Tumblr is full of beautiful images too.

Imagine how lovely city streets would  be with manhole covers like these, from Japan.

Although Think Geek are a little overpriced & annoying with their email marketing, they have cool stuff. Like these. I want ’em for my desk at work.

And of course, I can never stop at one Adventure Time mention. Look at this great gallery of tattoos!

Would it be weird to have lots of clocks? Because I want lots of these ones. SO many. Especially this one, even if it is super-new TMNT.

Hey Toronto. You’re lookin’ good.

These are such wonderful, sometimes subtle, photoshops of Star Wars in the real world.

I am quite fond of this artist’s work, making tongue-in-cheek museum labels for the outside world.

This is in the realm of “I don’t even understand how this can be a thing” art. The detail is amazing.

End of the week digital dozen pick me up!

Looking for something to alt-tab to between Word documents and emails today? Look no further..

If you’ve ever wondered what some pretty famous bands look like as LEGO minifigs, you needn’t leave it to your imagination any more – see the rest here. These are pretty spot on! I think the Thom Yorke below is especially good.

Indignant bunny is mad you’ve stopped petting! Jake sometimes gives me a look when I stop petting him in the mornings 🙂

Transformers are neat and all, but they’re way more awesome when they’re pop culture vehicles made into Transformers! Check it. My fave is..

Fill your brain with strange word knowledge – John Green goes over the strange origins of 40 English Words on this Mental Floss episode. (Canteloupe is interesting, but I’d be interested to know where the term Rockmelon comes from, which is what we call ’em in Australia!).

How freaking adorable are these tea cosies? Snailpots! Amazing.

Get ready for how adorable tree kangaroos are! Especially when they’re wrasslin’ teddy bears or fighting over spaghetti. These cuties were rescued, and are being prepared for wild release in a couple of years.

This is a smashing design for a bike wall-mount. I wonder if it works for all sorts of seat shapes to hang on there..

A photographer took a photo of birds on a wire, and a composer used it to make a musical piece. Creativity to the max.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/6428069″>Birds on the Wires</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/agnelli”>Jarbas Agnelli</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

This isn’t a cucumber. But it’s a pretty good decoy. Click through to check out incredible painted foods that look like other foods.

Pretty sure this kid & his dog win cosplay forever.

Hero-glyphics – these are so imaginative and well-realised! I love it. You can buy prints!

And now I’ll leave you with a GIF of an adorable combat-rolling piggie.

Welcome to this week’s Digital Dozen

I want you to look closely at this GIF and notice the amazingness going on. A little kid is running back and forth playing Space Invaders. Imagine fitness classes that incorporated this for cardio. Hell yeah.

A 3 year old decided to get her hair cut and donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society. This kid is so much better than so many of us grown-ups.

I’m feeling a bit badly drawn dolphin today. You?

Back in 2004 these people attempted a world record for the largest game of Carcassonne ever. MADNESS. LOOK AT IT. Over 5000 tiles. I am having shivers imagining the breakdown of that once they were done.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a wonderfully wacky kind of guy. The kind of guy that recreates the ‘David After Dentist’ YouTube video perfectly. Amaze.

How can I somehow adopt this guy as my Dad for long enough that he’ll paint a badass Doctor Who/Adventure Time mashup mural in MY room? His art site is here.

The feminism I believe in says “Hey girl – have the whole pie.” Yep. Read the first panel below, and find the rest here.

This time lapse of Aurora Borealis is just stunning. I want to see the lights so bad! Oh man.

This ‘Femme Fatale Ring Gun‘ is pretty badass, right? I gotta hand it to whoever dreamt this up in the 1870s.

This Seinfeld parody in a Mario theme is surprisingly chuckle-worthy! I think they hit the tone so well, and I love their Mario-fied Seinfeld theme song.

Placeholder text gone wrong. Oops.. I guess you shouldn’t trust people to notice the big mistakes, eh? There are many more than this example, click through to see & laugh!

Herey herey here

Let’s end on the adorable: tiny, adventurous Lego photographer. Perfection.

Digital Dozen – enjoy your reading while I traipse in Montreal!

I managed to get my shiz together in time to schedule this post for while I’m jaunting in Montreal for a long weekend as a birthday vacation. Wooohoo! Hope your weekend is delightful too, dear reader.

  • It seems like the geeky engagement shoot has become a thing. It’s pretty great, because there’s some creative and wonderful things that come of it. (Although I don’t understand the concept of an engagement shoot myself, it seems a very North American thing.) Anyhow! This one is great – even if it’s a photoshoot/photoshop hybrid – with some wonderful choices including my favourite:
  • Sometimes there’s a magical thing that happens, and a Tumblr account is created that fills a void none of us knew existed. I present for your viewing pleasure, Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos.
  • Have you ever seen any of comedian/musician Tim Minchin’s performances? You should poke around on YouTube and check them out. He’s a pretty smart and witty dude in general, and recently gave an occasional address at the University of Western Australia (where he attended). The video is below, but there’s also the text of his speech at his website if you’re not in a place to watch the video and/or would like handy text for quoting!
  • If you’re into Whedony things, this big interview over at Entertainment Weekly is a good read. I do so love his tone and humour.
  • Breaking Bad finale tomorrow! Oh gosh. Scott C did an awesome painting of all the characters upon the mountain. It’s amazing.
  • Late night shows are getting on the BB wagon too, with some great features for farewelling the show. Conan had a themed show this last week, here’s his cold open:

    And then Jimmy Fallon did a parody, “Joking Bad”:
  • Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, he’s just the bees knees. He has some great fun with guests, and I encourage you to get into a YouTube vortex with these: History of Rap 1 & 2, 3, 4; lip syncing with Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and also with John Krasinski if you can find it, I can’t); and this ridiculous sketch he did with Steve Carroll and Justin Timberlake. Swoon.
  • There’s some wonderful Game of Thrones fan art out there, but I can’t think of anything quite as wonderful as this Lion-King-esque Lannister family portrait.
  • Kinetic Sand is amazing and I want some RIGHT NOW to play with. You will, too. Amazingness.
  • I want the Totoro one! Art deco-inspired Miyazaki prints.
  • This is how you advertise a science museum. Love the creativity!
  • And to end on a note to make you smile, have a dog playing in leaves:

Violence Against Women – How Men Must Stand Up & Change Attitudes

Earlier in May I saw a great video posted on Upworthy, titled “A TED Talk That Might Turn Every Man Who Watches It Into A Feminist? It’s Pretty Fantastic.” Regardless of whether it has that desired affect, every man (and woman and child!) should watch it. The day I watched it, I shared it on Facebook with the accompanying text:

Caring deeply about issues like sexism (and racism, homophobia et al) is now not enough. Speaking out to start making a real change in peer culture to stop perpetrating bad behaviour from generation to generation is the only way forward. The more we all speak up, the more we push down behaviour that leads to abuse and violence. Such common sense right?

Even if only a few people that i’m friends with on Facebook watched it, it was important to share. The points that Jackson Katz  makes are so strong that I hope they start to permeate society sooner rather than later. I’ve been thinking about it a lot these last couple of days as another video (and blog post) have been doing the rounds. A young woman asked Sir Patrick Stewart a question at a convention about what he’s proud of outside of acting, and had mentioned him speaking out against domestic violence. His answer passionately covered many points of common sense just like Jackson Katz’s video did – it’s up to men to stop violence against women, and it’s up to society to realise the roots of violence and try to eliminate them. He spoke about how his mother had been treated by his father, and that even as paramedics came to help his mother they said things like “but you must have done something, an argument has to have two people” – following it up with no matter what, violence should never be the outcome of a disagreement.

I feel like if every single one of us, regardless of gender or class, took that with us, we would all benefit. Never turn to violence as a solution. If people could see the common sense in all of this, just imagine the change that would occur. I would say that it’s more likely many more people have seen the short video of Sir Patrick Stewart than they will have Jackson Katz’s TED Talk – I hope that it makes some men stop and think, and I hope it makes it possible for more young women to believe in themselves and not be blamed as victims, to be able to stand up and speak about what has happened to them like this young woman did with Sir Patrick Stewart at Comicpalooza. I urge all of you to watch these videos & move forward with the advice and common sense within & share that with the people in your lives! I am lucky to have never been a victim of gender violence but I know people who have, and the more of us – victims or allies – who speak out against it, the more likely societal change will be.