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Things I Love Thursday!

After a few weeks of knowing I’ll be getting my permanent residency but ridiculous bureaucracy and dumb delays in their responses to me holding up getting my paperwork, I have many many reasons to focus on the positive today! Also, hello again – I was away in Winnipeg for 10 days with Adam visiting his family and friends. I didn’t have a lot of time or a real computer to sit at to cobble together my TILT or Digital Dozen posts (it’s hard to put together posts with more than one image/link in the WordPress app!).

SO! Breaking Bad is back and I love it. I flail with anxiety/excitement/omgwtf as we get closer and closer to the end of it all. Which reminds me, I gotta watch the Mythbusters Breaking Bad special!

I follow this Instagram account, which is just  photos of women’s legs. It sounds weird, but I love it so much! You see such a variety of shapes/sizes and fashion, it’s wonderful. A strange kind of art. I suggest you check it out.

This weekend i’m going to a wedding and I need a dress appropriate for larking about in a garden party reception. There’s been a recent addition on Bloor in my neighbourhood – Kind Exchange (who have a number of other locations) – which is a second-hand clothing store with hand-picked stuff. I got two dresses for under $30! Wonderful. I love finding great new stores to visit in my ‘hood.

Getting crafty! I’ve started crocheting dishclothes which is easy and fun and enormously satisfying. While visiting in Winnipeg I was inspired by our friend Charlene’s transformation of pins/buttons into magnets – I grabbed some cheap magnets and tried it out with some of my reserve of pins (soooo many), and I’m so pleased with it! I’m gonna churn out loads more.

Normally I freak out having to sit in the window seat on flights (I’m an aisle person), but that’s where I got sat because we took Jake on the flight with us. It helped having Adam next to me too, in the middle seat. So I dealt okay and loved getting to see a great view from the plane!
CloverLake view

I loved getting to see Jake get to have some backyard time when we were in Winnipeg staying with Adam’s parents. Rollin’ around in the grass, sniffing things, sneaking raspberries & chasing Adam. So wonderful.


And speaking of my two guys.. yep, love. So much love.
Adam & Jake in the park


Things I Love Thursday!

Short ‘n’ sweet!

Firefly is one of my TV loves. Board games is another. Bring the two together and SMASH – Firefly: Out to the Black. I played a prototype of this at the Gathering of Friends earlier this year and it was a fun, challenging co-op with the theme really richly integrated. Great card game. I suggest you get your greedy hands on it as they’re Kickstarting it now! Good luck to Ed Bryan 🙂

And speaking of TV.. I still love Spaced so much, even after many rewatchings. I have seen a lot of Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright on Twitter lately as they’re promoting The World’s End, so I burned through half the first season of Spaced this afternoon and was so great.

When I hear about friends making big life decisions and doing awesome things, it makes me happy. I love that our friend Kris is gearing up to move home to Halifax to open up a board game cafe. Obviously it sucks our friend is leaving, but he has so many exciting adventures ahead of him with this business – I think he’s a smart and lovely dude and will do well with it. Plus, it gives us a nice excuse to head out east sometime!

I love making treats for friends and having them work out nicely and seeing everyone be so excited to enjoy them. So good! These were a hit with my fellow boot campers after our last class of the month yesterday evening. I’m looking forward to making them again and throwing in some variations for flavours.

And finally, I love not moving house. I know it’s kinda esoteric for this list, but at the start of the month when I see folks struggling in and out of our apartment building, trying to get everything into the elevators and just knowing all the extended stress involved with moving.. I’m just really glad to have been settled in one place for a little while. I know it’ll happen again sometime but having had this place with Adam as my home base for nearly two years has been the longest I’ve been in any one home since I left Australia back in 2007!

Enjoy your Thursday evenings, folks!

Things I love Thursday!

Thursday’s upon us again, let’s get lovin’. It’s a particularly rambly TILT this week 🙂

Let’s get this out of the way: I love the portable air conditioning unit we have in our room. I spent many a non-air-conditioned summer back home in northern-NSW/Brisbane, and I somehow survived. But having this creature comfort has been so nice even in this short summer, and it makes me feel much better about the comfort of Jake when we’re not home!

We got an Aeropress a while back (fun fact: it was invented by the same guy who invented the Aerobie frisbee!), and it’s our preferred coffee brew method at home. (Until we get a nice pourover setup, sometime. Mmm.) Adam gets a chance to work with them a lot at work too, and he’s shown me the ‘inverted’ method for brewing. Although the regular method is great, the inverted method allows better control over the process (no dripping before you create the seal, like with the regular method). I love the inverted method, so much. I tried to make a short video on Instagram showing the superficial differences, but this is a much clearer & more precise tutorial.

Delicious summer eats! One Love Vegetarian is a delicious Caribbean vegan cafe in the Annex – I love their corn soup/stew, and their roti – but the BBQ tofu stirfry (especially smattered with the scotch bonnet hotsauce) is the one I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Especially with the fried plantain and avocado slices topping it off. Mmm.

One Love Vegetarian BBQ tofu stirfry in the park!

Back when I was first getting into horror films, I very quickly became a fan of Peter Jackson’s work pre-LOTR. Braindead is still one of my all-time favourite indie horror flicks, and it certainly gave me an appreciation of horror-comedy, as well as the Evil Dead films. It was very easy for me to fall in love with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s efforts with Sean of the Dead (especially being a Spaced fan) considering all this, and I especially enjoyed their follow up Hot Fuzz. I’m very excited for their finale in the ‘Cornetto trilogy’, the World’s End – so when you take all of this preamble you’ll understand why I love this video of Peter Jackon interviewing the Wright/Pegg/Frost trio about The World’s End.

Adam had been telling me about a show he watched a few years ago called Saving Grace, and we have been watching it through on Netflix together – just finished season 2 last night. It is honestly the kind of show I’m surprised I love, but Holly Hunter as Grace is just so bloody great that i’m compelled to keep watching. I’m no woman of faith, but it’s definitely been an enjoyable series to watch.

And finally, catching some shade with this dude:

Shade hangouts


Digital dozen, get your hands on these links! July 13th edition.

  • When I meet people, I feel like sometimes when they’re introducing themselves someone’s immersed my head underwater. I always mis-hear or just accidentally ignore people’s names (or forget quickly), so this ‘Bad With Names‘ comic from Doghouse Diaries just tickles me!
  • Hey, have some Game of Thrones nuggets! These terrific reimaginings of GOT TV series characters in an 80s/90s style are beyond compare: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6. Pretty sure I’m in love with Khal Drogo from part 5. And if you like something a little more ‘realistic’, the Iron Throne as George RR Martin envisions it:

    The ‘real’ Iron Throne (image by Marc Simonetti)

  • You’ll notice that Comic Sans isn’t on this lovely infographic of the psychology of font choices. Yep. (I’m sans serif all the way, man.)
  • I can’t go a week without an Adventure Time mention! This time around, ART! These pieces highlighted from an art show currently on in Austin TX, and this awesome ‘The Creation of Adam’ with Adventure Time characters. Lemongrab as Adam and PB as his creator is not only canonical but just looks surrealistically cool.
  • Fun fact: Twin Peaks is my favourite TV show ever! I love it so much that once I had a marathon viewing and I had french presses of coffee flowing & I even made a couple of cherry pies. (I also did the same a few years later but with a huge box of vegan donuts instead of pie. I have a problem, yes.) I usually don’t bother with supercuts, but when it’s a supercut of all the pie and coffee from Twin Peaks, you bet i’m on board. I love the pie chat (hahaha) at the source, too.
  • We’re having a lot of rain this summer in Toronto, which makes plonking down in the park for a picnic a moister-than-usual affair. I would love to hook us all up with these great grassy picnic tables. Civilized dining without wet bums.

    PicNYC Table

  • I’ve been following the ‘topleftpixel’ photo blog for many years, it’s been a beautiful slice of Toronto (mostly, and also other spots when he travels) every day. He’s wrapping up the daily posting, which is sad, but will continue posting photos & also blogging about photography, which I’ll be keeping an eye on – even though I don’t (yet) have a digital SLR, it’s all good information to soak in even if you’re just using a manual setting on a regular digital camera.

    Businessmen Bay & King


  • It terrifies me that this is an actual real thing (the soccer hooligan fight), but it’s also morbidly hilarious that someone’s laid over a nature documentary-esque narration from David Attenborough.
  • Back when I first discovered it, I spent many feverish hours on GeoGuessr trying to figure out where in the world I was on Google street view. (My proudest moment was being 8km off a spot in Cornwall). Now I’ve been reminded of it, I’ll likely wake up in 12 hours time slumped at my desk, somewhere in the middle of a deserted highway. You try it!
  • 3D printing is AMAZING, you guys! This prototype for a cast would be such an incredible boon to the healthcare industry. And I dare you to not be amazed by this duck who got a replacement foot that was 3D printed! Aaah! (Even better is the man with the southern accent shouting out the duck’s name – Buttercup)
  • Goldie Blox is a toy aimed at young girls to get them interested in engineering. I love that the creator was inspired [vid] to do something about the lack of women in her field by targeting younger kids with a toy package that looks like so much fun – and by not discounting all the other toys in the girl’s aisle, but saying this belongs there too. I played with SO MUCH Lego when I was a kid, i’d have been all over Goldie Blox. It’s amazing she’s in Toys R Us, I hope the product sells well!
  • Via Reddit: after all the fireworks going on this month with Canada Day & Independence Day, i’m glad someone caught an amazing photo that wasn’t just a regular “ooooh, pretty” type. I’m sure you’ll agree!

Have a good weekend, all! Don’t spend all of it on GeoGuessr..