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The Digital Dozen, fresh for March!

Greetings, and welcome to your mid-week round of links and fun distractions.

Here’s a little frog riding a beetle, because what could be better? “Hey guys, look at me!”

Dogs are awesome – obviously – and this 5 minute video gives a great picture of how awesome they are with smelling. It’s amazing seeing the breakdown of biology of how smelling for dogs work. For instance, I had no idea dogs breathe in through their nostrils, but out through small slits on the sides of their nose! Whaaaa!

These frozen sand sculptures are beautiful! As someone who grew up in Australia the snow+beach thing doesn’t compute, but it makes for an incredible visual. (From here.)

This app, Pivot, looks pretty awesome. An augmented reality sort of thing, where you can be in a place and see the comparison to how it looked through historical photos. So cool! More info is on their Kickstarter.


Local Toronto artist Daniel Rotsztain is visiting every branch of the Toronto Public Library and drawing them – you can see all the sketches here! I think this is my fave so far:

While it’s a bit hyperbolic and silly and US-centric (tis a Buzzfeed production after all), it’s still interesting to see countries compared by their actual sizes and how much different they look when represented not on the Mercator map projection.

Embroidering scenes as she travels, textile artist Teresa Lim creates beautiful keepsakes. I wish I had the skills to try something like this, they’re like little fabric postcards.

I love the patterns created by this artist pouring paint! Super trippy and colourful. I’d love to have something like that hanging in my apartment.

Better Book Store Sections” has me crying with laughter. Especially “meals you intend to make but never will”. Yeah.

I said dogs are awesome up there – I have a specific love for pups, but I think all animals are amazing. Check out this tricksy praying mantis that makes itself look like an orchid! Next level shit.

I want this. I want many of them, so I can put all the things in them all over my apartment and my desk at work!

Okay, more awesome animals. Because it’s amazing how much fun these squirrels are having. I mean, really.

Throwback.. Tuesday?

I keep meaning to finally follow up my initial ramblings about Halifax with the rest of that trip’s photos, but they’re on my external hard drive which means.. I forget, a lot. So instead, I’d like to share some pre-blog photos just for your visual fancy and a little nostalgia. (One day I’ll get all my actual, physical photos back from Australia and scan them. Wouldn’t that be rad?)

That time when I climbed to the top of York Minster.

It’s pretty weird looking out over a skyline and seeing pyramids in the distance. Cairo, 2008.

I love how present parts of the Berlin Wall are all around the city there. Incredible transformative effect. Berlin, 2008.

Roadside America is strange and wonderful. On our way out of South Dakota, 2009.

Sweet art on the street, NYC 2010.

Colourful symmetry, Toronto 2010.

Palenque, Mexico. This trip, 2002, seems like a lifetime ago.

St Kilda, Melbourne. This is so Melbourne to me! I miss that place. 2006.

Time for a catch up of photos!

Went through the backlog of stuff on my phone, here’s some random snippets! Click any to view a larger size on Flickr.

Red Door

Hangouts in the shade during a walk


Old mini-arcade games – I used to own Caveman, and I had a Pac-Man one like this but it was Ms Pac-Man! I tripped out seeing this.


Big jug sculpture in the park

Our balcony this summer. It’s so nice having the table & chairs!

Postcard/photo/art blob. I added a few more postcards to tie it all together and i’m very please with how it’s looking. I love ephemeral stuff stuck to my wall!

Veiny leaves. Saw these in an immaculately landscaped garden in Yorkville. So pretty.


Jake napping in my arms the day after we got him 🙂

Ornate door in the UofT campus. I love doors, okay?





Digital Dozen, July 6!

Time for a delightful mess of internet to paw at.

  • This week’s dose of Adventure Time: totally badass kid’s bedroom all tricked out in Land of Oo wonderment. I’d love to have Gunter looking down on me as I slept.
  • I love public art installations that are surreal and outstanding in the landscape. This great big cardboard box dude is just that. I love this aerial shot of it so much!

    Box by artist Pablo Curutchet

  • Speaking of surreal and outstanding, these 3D architectural illustrations are just that. I especially enjoy the ‘zippered’ buildings, and the bendy tower towards the end of the images at the bottom of the article. This one, too, delights me:

    Stitched Panorama, Victor Enrich

  • Many of these are terrifically creative and some are downright laugh out loud hilarious. My fave is the rapping goldfish. Enjoy this compilation of funny & creative Vine videos.
  • Etsy user Akinobu Izumi makes all these wonderful things in tiny tiny bottles (her day job is making architectural models, so her skills are mad). All of them are so whimsical and awesome, but I love all the dinosaur skeleton ones! It’s like some giant dude decided to start collecting bones in jars – imagine how big you’d be to have jars scaled this miniature to you! I love this:

    Dinos in bottles by ‘tinywordinabottle’

  • Why stick with a regular old Millenium Falcon beanbag chair when you can have a whole dang Millenium Falcon bed? Yeah, exactly!
  • The next Wright/Pegg/Frost join, The World’s End [trailer], is coming up soon – completing the ‘Cornetto’ trilogy – and i’m really looking forward to it. One nice gentleman has done these lovely old-timey posters for each of the three movies with a different Cornetto. A slice of fried gold.
  • Want to see how a key opens a lock? This animated GIF is so simple and awesome at showing the magic inside the lock! So cool.
  • ‘Primates’ is a graphic novel about Jane Goodall, Diane Fossey & BirutĂ© Galdikas (all primate researchers and students of Louis Leakey) and you can read an excerpt over at Boing Boing.

    Primates by Jim Ottaviani

  • More on primates: chimpanzees & dealing with death. Non-human primates are incredibly complex and their emotions and behaviour have always fascinated me. The issue of mortality is a huge one, especially when examining chimpanzees. Very interesting essay.
  • Remember the ‘Homer’ car? Someone MADE ONE! Oh gosh.
  • And I’ll leave you today with a video of a sloth ‘playing’ piano. Oh, internet – never change!

Digital Dozen – A Roundup of Links

Back in the day of blogs past, I used to go through my saved links in my RSS Reader (once Google Reader, now Feedly) & round up a bunch of cool stuff and post about them all in one place rather than the fleeting sharing I do on FB/Twitter when I come across stuff normally. I have stuff saved in there now from a couple of years ago still (!) so I’m going to start filtering through & cherry picking stuff from the old & new saved things to share once a week. (And oh man, I have to try and work through the dozens of recipes I’ve stowed away, whoa.) I’ll share just a dozen each time to make it feasible & also readable! So, enjoy the first ‘digital dozen’, in no particular order:

Blueberry – image by Caren Alpert

  • I originally saw this linked on Boing Boing: a study on what Canadian English is. It’s fascinating to see the examination of how the waves of settlement throughout Canada’s history have impacted on Canadian English development. And accent-wise, it brings up a point in the start that i’ve always found interesting – “The geographical proximity to the American super power is quite unique to Canadian English and contrasts it with other varieties of English, such as Australian, New Zealand, or UK varieties of English.” As someone who’s got 27 years of Australian English tinged with almost two years of English-English (not to mention all the English telly I watched as a kid), and then all mixed up with 4 years of Torontonian Canadian.. well, let’s just say it’s an interesting read from my perspective of the English language & now being settled here in Canada. It’s so fun to examine what odd remnants there are of certain terms for things, yet how the sounds of language manipulate over time.
  • The High Line is one of my favourite things about New York City. I wish there was a park like this in every city! Gosh. This is from a while back, but still awesome – street view of the High Line.
  • What can you do if you have just one more cup of coffee? Some days I truly do feel like the last one..

    Just one more cup! David Soames & Aaron Jay.

  • When I was a kid, I had a budgie (parakeet) called Sam, and he learnt to say quite a few words/phrases but.. I’ve NEVER seen a budgie with such a wide range. I mean.. the beatboxing! Oh gosh. Birds are strange and amazing.
  • Crochet is a skill I’ve re-learnt in this past year, but I’m still not sure I could quite reach the levels of amazing that would be required to make these throw rugs. Maybe I can work up to it for next winter! This Galaga one is quite fetching..

    Galaga throw by PenelopeandClyde on Etsy

  • Canadian cookbook author Dreena Burton wrote up an amazing guide to buying, storing, preparing & cooking/using greens: Eat your Greens! I have discovered a love of chard, kale & other delicious & nutritious greens thanks to being vegan, and they’re an invaluable addition to your diet, especially when you have great advice like Dreena’s to follow. Nomnom.
  • I dream about the day these Adventure Time footie PJs come back into stock so Adam & I can buy them and dress up and romp about being generally ridiculous and adorable. We already own matching Jake Tees, after all..

    Yeah, we went there.

    Yeah, we went there.

  • Sometimes I think about doing a blog series on the maddening everyday things that other people do that drive me nuts. Then I feel like a bad person for thinking about complaining about things like that. Then I see comics like this (click below) that remind me why I wanted to write the blog series in the first place.

    This is me, every day by Ross Phillips

  • It pleases me when people do ridiculous things like making squirrels look like they have giant heads.
  • Why do our brains do this to us? I am not gonna lie, this happens to me daily.

    Smartphone Cycle, Loldwell

    Smartphone Cycle, Loldwell

  • One of my favourite things to do is collect postcards – that I’ve bought somewhere I’ve been, or that someone’s sent to me. I love getting them in the mail most of all. I would totally dig having this set of 100 Pantone Postcards to send out across the globe (well, maybe after saving a few to tack up on my wall).