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The digital dozen – your next dose of intermittent curious things for the ingenious time-waster.

Welcome to today’s wonderful procrasti-links fest! Yay!

  • These aerial photos are so wild. The planet looks so cool, and slightly dizzy-making, from above.
  • Okay, this is legitimately the best procrastination of today’s links. Patatap, a nifty tool that lets you use your computer’s keyboard to make cool noises and stuff! YESSS! Click to go through, as the embed won’t work here. It’s totally worth it, people.
  • Philadelphia has just launched this terrific anti-street harassment campaign, every city needs this! What a broad range of stuff they cover. This is just one example:
  • This is so dreamy/hypnotic – time lapse of fireflies swarming (with some post-production tinkering, but it looks so amazing!)
  • Can we please all go and take a ride on this Adventure Time train? Yes?

  • Street chalk art/paintings like this are so amazing – the manipulation that goes into creating it so it looks a certain way from a certain spot blows my mind. LOOK AT THIS. Oh man.
  • Magic for Dogs Part 2! I love their faces. (Did you see part 1?) They clarified this time that the dogs are given treats before & after, which I’d kind of assumed, because what person would let someone be an asshole to their dog?!
  • Various strategies for leaving a party. I wish I could just POOF outta there at times.
  • There were some fun internet April Foolings this year, especially the Google Maps pokemon challenge [vid]. I got a great chuckle out of this NPR gag, pranking folks who comment on articles without bothering to read the whole thing. Click through for the hilarious screen-grab of comments.
  • I know you’re in need of seeing Game of Thrones character faces inserted into Disney scenes, so let me help you out with that. My personal favourite..
  • Just look at these flipping amazing little gardens built on broken pots. Gosh.
  • This last one is for my friend Katy, who very rightly is always stating “There is no such thing as a British accent.” Because, clearly there isn’t – watch this video to hear why! Such variety in a tiny isle/group of islands.

This Week’s Digital Dozen offering

I didn’t keep up as well with this these last couple of weeks! I hope you enjoy and it’s a nice mid-week pickup.

  • There seems to be a rash of re-imaginings of Disney princesses/princes lately – but this one is really worth sharing. It’s so spot-on! Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones characters – detailed here.  (Also nice there are this many female characters to do!)
  • I never thought a climbing plant could do this.. wild. (via Reddit)
  • For a little inspiration, this young lady speaks about the problems of gendered toys for kids, and how she petitioned Hasbro to change the easy-bake oven! She speaks to the idea that if you really want to, you can make a change. It’s a great message to hear someone speak on so passionately.
  • This is such a cool guide to drawing characters from Adventure Time! They make it look so easy..
  • Speaking of Adventure Time, the game Card Wars is now available, from Cryptozooic! I’m not sure it’ll be any good, but it sure looks nice. (I think the iOS version reflects the wackiness of how it’s portrayed in the show, though. I’m not sure that version is any good either, but SHINY.)
  • Watch & be surprised at the voices behind some of these cartoon characters – LeVar Burton was in Captain Planet! (Man, I wish I Know That Voice was available to watch here!)
  • Look at these beautiful landscape alphabet illustrations! Gorgeous. (Collected at the British Museum)
  • I’m an introvert, so this short ‘Debunking Myths About Introverts‘ video rings so many bells for me. Watch and learn! You may be surprised to learn something about introverts & understand them better.
  • A recent ‘Great Showdown’ of the LEGO movie. I love it! Have you seen the movie? It’s wonderful!!
  • These images from the NYC subway from 1981 are such a beautiful visual time capsule. I can’t imagine riding on a subway system so gritty! It’s much better there now.
  • I will leave you with a couple of lighthearted things to go into your day/evening – first, these cheeky, sneaky border collies sneaking up on their dog friends. Hee.
  • Last of all, these heartwarming images of animals of 60 different species all being besties at a refuge in Arkansas. Heart MELTING.

Digital Dozen! Quite a grab bag this week.

  • This time of year has already kicked off with the buying-buying-buying frenzy. Consider a charitable donation, too? Boing Boing have an awesome, huge list of recommended charities.
  • I am so in love with these surreal photos of everyday objects floating in landscapes. I want ’em all.
  • What’s more hilarious than bloopers? A trailer for a movie cut together with said bloopers!
  • This is some beautiful photography – ‘Touching Strangers‘ – which I’ve had saved for ages. I don’t know why I haven’t shared until now.
  • I love parents and kids being creative together. This dad does colouring on his kids’ sketches and the results are super cool.
  • What’s the biggest organism on earth? This is an interesting look at a variety of ’em.
  • If you enjoy advent calendars, and nerdy information, then this is the website for you! They’re posting a nugget of sciencey goodness tinged with humour every day til the 25th.
  • Speaking of feeling festive and nerdy, how about some Game of Thrones house snowflakes? I’m already thinking about where I can hang some.
  • Mental Floss cover a bunch of common idioms and their origins:
  • Pretty in love with this Twin Peaks-inspired clothing line, especially this Welcome to Twin Peaks dress. Oh, for the figure that fits in a dress and looks good..
  • NPR put together a sort of ‘concierge’ for the best books of 2013, and oh boy do I need to read more! Jeez. Perhaps I should also check out the Sci-fi picks on Goodreads.
  • Let’s leave on this sweet note of Theo & his puppy napping. I wanna be like Theo.

Digital Dozen – enjoy your reading while I traipse in Montreal!

I managed to get my shiz together in time to schedule this post for while I’m jaunting in Montreal for a long weekend as a birthday vacation. Wooohoo! Hope your weekend is delightful too, dear reader.

  • It seems like the geeky engagement shoot has become a thing. It’s pretty great, because there’s some creative and wonderful things that come of it. (Although I don’t understand the concept of an engagement shoot myself, it seems a very North American thing.) Anyhow! This one is great – even if it’s a photoshoot/photoshop hybrid – with some wonderful choices including my favourite:
  • Sometimes there’s a magical thing that happens, and a Tumblr account is created that fills a void none of us knew existed. I present for your viewing pleasure, Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos.
  • Have you ever seen any of comedian/musician Tim Minchin’s performances? You should poke around on YouTube and check them out. He’s a pretty smart and witty dude in general, and recently gave an occasional address at the University of Western Australia (where he attended). The video is below, but there’s also the text of his speech at his website if you’re not in a place to watch the video and/or would like handy text for quoting!
  • If you’re into Whedony things, this big interview over at Entertainment Weekly is a good read. I do so love his tone and humour.
  • Breaking Bad finale tomorrow! Oh gosh. Scott C did an awesome painting of all the characters upon the mountain. It’s amazing.
  • Late night shows are getting on the BB wagon too, with some great features for farewelling the show. Conan had a themed show this last week, here’s his cold open:

    And then Jimmy Fallon did a parody, “Joking Bad”:
  • Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, he’s just the bees knees. He has some great fun with guests, and I encourage you to get into a YouTube vortex with these: History of Rap 1 & 2, 3, 4; lip syncing with Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and also with John Krasinski if you can find it, I can’t); and this ridiculous sketch he did with Steve Carroll and Justin Timberlake. Swoon.
  • There’s some wonderful Game of Thrones fan art out there, but I can’t think of anything quite as wonderful as this Lion-King-esque Lannister family portrait.
  • Kinetic Sand is amazing and I want some RIGHT NOW to play with. You will, too. Amazingness.
  • I want the Totoro one! Art deco-inspired Miyazaki prints.
  • This is how you advertise a science museum. Love the creativity!
  • And to end on a note to make you smile, have a dog playing in leaves:

Digital dozen, get your hands on these links! July 13th edition.

  • When I meet people, I feel like sometimes when they’re introducing themselves someone’s immersed my head underwater. I always mis-hear or just accidentally ignore people’s names (or forget quickly), so this ‘Bad With Names‘ comic from Doghouse Diaries just tickles me!
  • Hey, have some Game of Thrones nuggets! These terrific reimaginings of GOT TV series characters in an 80s/90s style are beyond compare: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6. Pretty sure I’m in love with Khal Drogo from part 5. And if you like something a little more ‘realistic’, the Iron Throne as George RR Martin envisions it:

    The ‘real’ Iron Throne (image by Marc Simonetti)

  • You’ll notice that Comic Sans isn’t on this lovely infographic of the psychology of font choices. Yep. (I’m sans serif all the way, man.)
  • I can’t go a week without an Adventure Time mention! This time around, ART! These pieces highlighted from an art show currently on in Austin TX, and this awesome ‘The Creation of Adam’ with Adventure Time characters. Lemongrab as Adam and PB as his creator is not only canonical but just looks surrealistically cool.
  • Fun fact: Twin Peaks is my favourite TV show ever! I love it so much that once I had a marathon viewing and I had french presses of coffee flowing & I even made a couple of cherry pies. (I also did the same a few years later but with a huge box of vegan donuts instead of pie. I have a problem, yes.) I usually don’t bother with supercuts, but when it’s a supercut of all the pie and coffee from Twin Peaks, you bet i’m on board. I love the pie chat (hahaha) at the source, too.
  • We’re having a lot of rain this summer in Toronto, which makes plonking down in the park for a picnic a moister-than-usual affair. I would love to hook us all up with these great grassy picnic tables. Civilized dining without wet bums.

    PicNYC Table

  • I’ve been following the ‘topleftpixel’ photo blog for many years, it’s been a beautiful slice of Toronto (mostly, and also other spots when he travels) every day. He’s wrapping up the daily posting, which is sad, but will continue posting photos & also blogging about photography, which I’ll be keeping an eye on – even though I don’t (yet) have a digital SLR, it’s all good information to soak in even if you’re just using a manual setting on a regular digital camera.

    Businessmen Bay & King


  • It terrifies me that this is an actual real thing (the soccer hooligan fight), but it’s also morbidly hilarious that someone’s laid over a nature documentary-esque narration from David Attenborough.
  • Back when I first discovered it, I spent many feverish hours on GeoGuessr trying to figure out where in the world I was on Google street view. (My proudest moment was being 8km off a spot in Cornwall). Now I’ve been reminded of it, I’ll likely wake up in 12 hours time slumped at my desk, somewhere in the middle of a deserted highway. You try it!
  • 3D printing is AMAZING, you guys! This prototype for a cast would be such an incredible boon to the healthcare industry. And I dare you to not be amazed by this duck who got a replacement foot that was 3D printed! Aaah! (Even better is the man with the southern accent shouting out the duck’s name – Buttercup)
  • Goldie Blox is a toy aimed at young girls to get them interested in engineering. I love that the creator was inspired [vid] to do something about the lack of women in her field by targeting younger kids with a toy package that looks like so much fun – and by not discounting all the other toys in the girl’s aisle, but saying this belongs there too. I played with SO MUCH Lego when I was a kid, i’d have been all over Goldie Blox. It’s amazing she’s in Toys R Us, I hope the product sells well!
  • Via Reddit: after all the fireworks going on this month with Canada Day & Independence Day, i’m glad someone caught an amazing photo that wasn’t just a regular “ooooh, pretty” type. I’m sure you’ll agree!

Have a good weekend, all! Don’t spend all of it on GeoGuessr..