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Another irregularly scheduled photo post!

Another wave of photos uploaded to Flickr but not yet shared on social media means photo dump time! Click to see larger on Flickr.

Alley Flowers


Zodiac by Ai Weiwei, Toronto.

Ferrous liquid & Magnets, Ontario Science Centre

Vertical Garden, Ontario Science Centre

The things you find on the side of the road in the Annex..

Lonely Window

Lovebot @ A&C Games

Cottage in laneway not far from my place, near the UofT

Flowerpot stand from our friend Rob & Stacy’s wedding looks nice with my random flowery plant!

Alley couches

Spiderweb of streetcar lines at Queen & Spadina

Fahrenheit Cafe Toronto, one Sunday morning

Photo challenges – what’s stopping me?

In 2011 I decided to jump on in and take on the ‘Project 365‘ – take a photo and post it every day. It doesn’t matter what it’s of, it doesn’t matter how you take it, just do it. I thought I was going to be leaving Canada at that point and I could document some travels and getting back to Australia (but obviously that’s not how things panned out!)  – in the end it was a pretty random assortment of stuff. Some days it felt like a chore, other days I’d forget and have to come up with something (usually not great due to it being last-minute). But I did it, and missed less than 2 weeks out of the entire year (you can see the set here, as the place I originally hosted it has shut down).

A year is a pretty long commitment for a project like that (and I think if I did it again I’d like to come up with a theme or concept instead of it being so random). Over the past year or so I’ve seen folks in my social media timelines taking part in shorter, month-long photo challenges. In particular, the Fat Mum Slim one pops up a lot and uses a prompt for each day to inspire people to create and share content (primarily on Instagram). My friend Laura’s been taking part in those and posting a weekly round-up of her terrific photos. I like the idea of the weekly round-up for the ease of it – I can take my time and not worry about posting on the day. But I also like the ease of perhaps sharing on Instagram daily (which crossposts to various places) to get feedback on each piece, and to be part of the challenge as it moves along.

But it’s not even how/when or even the theme of what I’m posting that’s stopping me. I lose momentum so easily. I was actually going to take part in the FMS September challenge and maybe post them here in blocks. I got three days in and that was it. Even without the pressure to share every day that got me down during the 365 Project, it was hard. And while the daily suggestions are fine, I felt like I couldn’t find what I needed to inspire me to hit the mark. It could be that life isn’t super interesting right now as I’m at home most days, and just trying to look for work. I would like a photo challenge to kick me in the butt to find inspiration even on those kinda days, though.

Perhaps I’ll try to drop back in to the FMS challenge and finish up the month posting daily on Instagram to see how it works out, and then come October I might be on a roll – or I might even set myself a challenge for October.

For those of you who take part in photo challenges, or thematic shoots over short/long periods, how do you stay inspired? Do you go out on photowalks? Do you get frustrated when you’re actively looking for something to shoot and can’t make it work? Do you just wait for things to find you, or go on a mission? I’d love a little cheerleading – I miss photography, even casually, as a creative output.

Time for a catch up of photos!

Went through the backlog of stuff on my phone, here’s some random snippets! Click any to view a larger size on Flickr.

Red Door

Hangouts in the shade during a walk


Old mini-arcade games – I used to own Caveman, and I had a Pac-Man one like this but it was Ms Pac-Man! I tripped out seeing this.


Big jug sculpture in the park

Our balcony this summer. It’s so nice having the table & chairs!

Postcard/photo/art blob. I added a few more postcards to tie it all together and i’m very please with how it’s looking. I love ephemeral stuff stuck to my wall!

Veiny leaves. Saw these in an immaculately landscaped garden in Yorkville. So pretty.


Jake napping in my arms the day after we got him 🙂

Ornate door in the UofT campus. I love doors, okay?





Le Weekend

I feel like it’s been forever since TCAF, but it was only just the weekend gone before this holiday weekend just passed. I think i’m just wavering up and down with social exhaustion/anxiety a bit much to have time swinging by at a usual-feeling pace. I got out and about a reasonable amount this weekend at least, which was great. Lots of good things I can pinpoint when looking back, rather than just feeling overwhelmed with how blah I was at times.

Furthering my quest to make it a nice summer hangout, we got a nice patio set for our balcony; we then got the bikes off the balcony & in riding condition (greased chains, tires pumped etc) which is awesome.  Although, our building’s bike parking is a godawful mess & it’s so difficult to find a good spot to chain up (& having Adam’s bike in the apartment is more than enough already; wish we could get someone with a super ultra great drill to come & attach us a wall-mounted bike rack!).

We headed to the Toronto Islands on Sunday – specifically Ward’s Island, where there’s a disc golfing course. I had some beginner’s luck, but was fairly inconsistent. It was just nice to have a chance to wander around in the lovely outdoors on a beautiful sunny (but not too hot!) day. Even better were awesome wildlife sightings! At one point, searching for a lost disc in the scrub, I spotted a wee garter snake! And toward the end of our wandering, we had an osprey circle nearby & land gracefully in a tall tree near the fairway we were on. I wish I’d managed to snap some photos of that – instead, mostly Island-y stuff.

For lost discs! Ward’s Island, Toronto.

Adam driving down the fairway (spot the disc?)

Some of the rough scrub around the disc golf course, Ward’s Island

It’s gotten thunderstormy this week, but it’s still mostly nice. I hear this summer’s not supposed to be as brutal as Toronto’s last year (but really, i’m grateful summer lasts less than 5 months at a time here!). This week ahead bodes well for good hangouts and trying to get more settled into summer in the apartment. Perhaps a trip to Ikea.. I do also hope that the blogging flows as much as it has been already – it’s still a rocky road to settle back into a writing tone that’s not quite so conversational (like this for instance, seems like an email!) but we’ll get there. I hope to also figure out a little more how I can embed images in a less “long vertical line” & more gridlike, without having to upload them here (all these point to my Flickr account). Suggestions welcome!