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Happy Jake-iversary!

One year ago today, we went to pick up our special little guy from a Loyal Rescue foster carer. I can’t believe it’s our one year Jake-iversary! It’s been the best time having him in our lives. We still have some ways to go for his behaviour to fully settle down (and we’re still doing training with him) but we’re getting better at working with who the little guy is and what he needs. He’s been a real trooper with adjusting to our new apartment, and going into the summer with his sporting new hairdo I reckon he’s got another excellent year ahead. If you are able, please adopt a dog (or cat, or small critter!) who needs a home, just like Jake did, and your life will be better for it, as well as theirs.

You can read other updates I’ve written this past year through the Jake tag, too. Now, onto a slew of adorable photos (and a video!) because.. well, because Jake. ‚̧

Hi. #jakethedog

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Okay, he's getting the hang of this now #jakethedog

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Jake, mid-jump on our walk earlier. He gets so full of energy in the snow. #dog #dogstagram

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Open up and say aaaaaaah

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Little man isn't a fan of this weather. #jakethedog

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I love this dude. #jakethedog

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At Adam’s parents place in Winnipeg not long after we adopted him

Snoozing on our new couch


Snow romp. #jakethedog #dogstagram #dog #rescue

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Things I love Thursday – getting back into the swing of it.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit here and there as far as a routine for me. There hasn’t been much time for regular posts except maybe for the TILT ones. I think I will hold off on the Digital Dozens for the next little while to give myself some space to post about some other stuff in the meantime as inspiration strikes.

For instance, about.. Hot Docs!!¬†One of my favourite film festivals. We didn’t get a pass this year because we couldn’t justify the time/money cost, but I’ll be seeing 4 films which I’m excited about. Tonight I’ll be going to see¬†The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz.¬†I may do wrap-ups as the festival goes, or one reivew post at the end. We shall see.

I love to drink hard cider. Especially as it’s warming up. And especially Angry Orchard, which we can’t find here in Ontario – so we drank a bunch while we were in Niagara Falls NY, and brought some home to Toronto! Mmmm. Apple ginger is my fave.

As much as I loved being away for the Gathering of Friends, it’s nice to be back at home in my own bed, my own space, with my wee family. Although I don’t think things will be any less busy for the next little while, I still have home as my oasis. The upcoming search for a new place to live come June stresses me a little in this respect, because there is imminent upheaval.. I just have to hope our new place will be as homey!

I love Apiecalypse Now¬†bakery! It’s easy to on a Thursday, when they open for the weekend and are posting pictures of all the treats.. mmm. But also, I love that I can buy ready-meals from them that are made with care, that are delicious, have fun labels, and that also benefit some charities! Like the delicious BBQ soy ‘pulled pork’ I grabbed out of the freezer for sammies earlier this week – a portion of the proceeds went to¬†¬†sponsoring Joachim the pig at Cedar Row Sanctuary! If only I hadn’t missed all the Easter goodies last weekend. Read an awesome review over here.

Photo credit: Apiecalypse Jen.


What are you loving today, internet friends?

A Farewell (or how I have too many friends spread out all over the world, damnit).

Fiona, Candice & Me. Those faces.

Fiona, Candice & Me. Those faces.

Having been temporarily living in places that aren’t my home country since 2007, I’ve had to say more than my fair share of goodbyes to friends. I have a lot of wonderful people in my life outside where I’ve now settled down (and great folks here too!) – keeping in touch can be tough, but I know everyone that matters to me makes an effort, as I do. Sometimes there’ll be visits, no matter how fleeting. I haven’t seen my BFF since I was living in London in, but he’s still a part of my life & will always be – as much as the time difference between here & Australia is a pain. When you have people in your life whose company puts you at ease, who you feel comfortable around and who you love, they are your family and the distance can be a pain in the butt, but isn’t the end of the world.

But knowing this doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to a dear friend when you’re not sure when you’ll see them next. Brains and hearts are strange in that way. I’ve known Candice for a couple of years now – we met doing baking magic at a board game cafe and got along like a house on fire. A new friend at work slowly became a fast friend in life, seemingly effortlessly. That’s the kind of thing that makes you know you’ll know someone for many years. Through the board game nights, hanging out on patios, mutually experienced work woes/good times/dancing in the kitchen, playing Talisman and drinking with our friend Fiona, talking nonsense on the couch at the end of a party to the bemusement of onlookers, how wonderful it was to see the art she made, shouting Lemongrab-ian quotes at each other, and all of the times she would listen when I needed her to – that’s a damn fine friend. Without question.

After a few bar stops at her farewell last night, we ended up at the Victory Cafe in the Annex – a frequent home for our patio jaunts the last couple of years. It was about time for me to pumpkin & get to bed for work, and as I was getting my shit together I realised something. In that packed room, with about 20 or so people – we were all there because we have these wonderful memories and feelings for our friend, she means so much to all of us that we had to see her off with a rambunctious showing of love and drinking. It was so nice to be in that moment and see tangibly how awesome a person is by the outpouring of love and farewells for them! It made me recall my Australian / London goodbyes quite fondly, I’ll be honest.

So while the goodbye was inevitable, and kinda sucks, I look forward to the day where Candice and I will be in the same place again – I know it’ll happen. We can grab a pint and sit down to catch up on life, how much Adventure Time we’ve both been watching lately, and how she’ll probably be a famous artist and shit by then. It’s going to be awesome, just like it is whenever I get to see/hear from the rest of my friends sprinkled around the globe. What a wonderful bunch of folks I am lucky to know.

And bud, I’m gonna miss you. Give the motherland hell.

Jake update – how our new family member’s doing.


It’s been almost a month and a half since Jake came to live with us! It’s kinda flown by. Things aren’t quite as overwhelming as when we were first adjusting to having him in our lives. All’s been well with vet visits, and the animal hospital we take him to has been great so far (Dr. Ibey is great with dogs and was really lovely with Jake)! He’s waaaaay less fussy with food now, we’re past the point of accidents in the house, he will play quite a bit (loves tug of war and fetching a couple of toys in particular, but not every sort of toy), and he’s really good about knowing his boundaries in the house (not allowed in the kitchen, he can only come up on the end of our bed if invited). A big help was that he’d been previously crate trained so once we got him a small kennel for our room he had his own space to be in for naps and sleeping at night & a safe space for us to know he could be in while we were out.

The main challenges we have facing us now are just behavioural/training issues. We’ve been taking him to obedience classes at A Leg Up training here in the Annex which is run by Lisa – she’s really fantastic, patient & knows her stuff. She’s really understanding of the fact that Jake’s new to us & also has a lot of ingrained behaviour seeing as he’s almost 5 years old. So although he may have struggled to stay focused in the classes (especially when intimidated by other larger dogs there, or distracted by late arrivals to the class), he’s learnt a couple of good things and it’s been just as important for me learning about how to properly deal with training him!

So far, he’s about 70% good on “sit”, “down” & “stand” ¬†and maybe 25% on “stay”. (We have gotten him to the point where he won’t start eating the food we put down for him until he sits & waits til we say okay though!) Walking was a very being dragged along situation for me and Adam for a while, but around 75% of the time Jake will walk in the heel position beside us which is a huge change! He’s still easily distracted by people/dogs/smells though. He seems to startle easily – unexpected people will set him off barking especially – so that’s going to be a big task to work on.

We’re off to Winnipeg for a vacation tomorrow & Jake will be flying will us in the cabin in a soft-sided carrier. I’m nervous about travelling with him, but excited for our friends and family there to meet him, and for him to get a little vacation to live in a house for a bit & have some play time in the backyard at Adam’s parents house.

It’s nice to see how fat he’s come in this little amount of time, so we’ll revisit his progress in another month or two for comparison! Until then, you can follow on Twitter or Instagram for all the cute pictures of him you could possibly handle!