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Digital Dozen, for your viewing pleasure.

Hello once again for your sort-of weekly link distraction.

These miniature street dioramas are almost hard to believe. So detailed and tiny. And gritty!

I am seriously considering dropping some money on a galaxy bedding set, because – why wouldn’t you want space all over you while you sleep? Exactly.

These flipbooks are hypnotic and amazing. I’m not sure I could pay this much for them, but they’re seriously cool.

I’m a sucker for gorgeous, colourful and neatly ordered photos. So this is like candy to me. The artist’s Tumblr is full of beautiful images too.

Imagine how lovely city streets would  be with manhole covers like these, from Japan.

Although Think Geek are a little overpriced & annoying with their email marketing, they have cool stuff. Like these. I want ’em for my desk at work.

And of course, I can never stop at one Adventure Time mention. Look at this great gallery of tattoos!

Would it be weird to have lots of clocks? Because I want lots of these ones. SO many. Especially this one, even if it is super-new TMNT.

Hey Toronto. You’re lookin’ good.

These are such wonderful, sometimes subtle, photoshops of Star Wars in the real world.

I am quite fond of this artist’s work, making tongue-in-cheek museum labels for the outside world.

This is in the realm of “I don’t even understand how this can be a thing” art. The detail is amazing.

Hello again, Digital Dozen!

Well, I figure if I’m going to start going ahead with the Digital Dozen links posts, then hump day is as good a day as any to get on with it. Let’s start with something whimsical.

Umbrellas canopy over a small street.

When a beagle knows they messed up, they make up for it. Best ever.

Look at these incredibly dreamy pieces of art/jewelry! Like little bits of galaxy all trapped up in some glass.

Earth and moon pendants

Have you ever watched a video of hamsters and a hedgehog eating cake and thought “I bet that’s what I look like when I scoff cake..”? Well, now you can experience what I have gone through.

Absurd and character-based street art are my favourite kinds! I love these captures of some from artist Filthy Luker.

When the Eisners (the Oscars of gaming) announced their digital media nominations, some people felt like there were webcomics that were looked over. io9 decided to compile a list of 51 awesome webcomics and it’s basically a bloody great list of all the great webcomics going on out there. Check it out, especially if you’ve had just a passing interest in comics published online. Many of my faves (Nimona, Girls with Slingshots, Lucky Penny) are on there!

Terrific posters from the Australian Human Rights Commission’s “Know the Line” campaign which aims to prevent and reduce the harm of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. I love how basic the graphics of them is, but they hit home nicely. For instance:

That dress was made for you | and your 36DD's

This artist took kids drawings and turned them into finished products. I love it 😀

Child's drawing of a snail turned into a real piece of digital art

I don’t know that I have a multitude of metal objects needing something to be stored in/on, but I would sure try and find more if it meant I could store them on this:

I may have lost it when it got to sound bagels. “Better Names For Things

Some terrifically smarty pants design on this “Resum-ale” package. Chuckle.

And I will leave you with just about my favourite thing I found on the internet this past week. Honestly happy to just watch this over and over cackling to myself.

Welcome to this week’s Digital Dozen

I want you to look closely at this GIF and notice the amazingness going on. A little kid is running back and forth playing Space Invaders. Imagine fitness classes that incorporated this for cardio. Hell yeah.

A 3 year old decided to get her hair cut and donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society. This kid is so much better than so many of us grown-ups.

I’m feeling a bit badly drawn dolphin today. You?

Back in 2004 these people attempted a world record for the largest game of Carcassonne ever. MADNESS. LOOK AT IT. Over 5000 tiles. I am having shivers imagining the breakdown of that once they were done.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a wonderfully wacky kind of guy. The kind of guy that recreates the ‘David After Dentist’ YouTube video perfectly. Amaze.

How can I somehow adopt this guy as my Dad for long enough that he’ll paint a badass Doctor Who/Adventure Time mashup mural in MY room? His art site is here.

The feminism I believe in says “Hey girl – have the whole pie.” Yep. Read the first panel below, and find the rest here.

This time lapse of Aurora Borealis is just stunning. I want to see the lights so bad! Oh man.

This ‘Femme Fatale Ring Gun‘ is pretty badass, right? I gotta hand it to whoever dreamt this up in the 1870s.

This Seinfeld parody in a Mario theme is surprisingly chuckle-worthy! I think they hit the tone so well, and I love their Mario-fied Seinfeld theme song.

Placeholder text gone wrong. Oops.. I guess you shouldn’t trust people to notice the big mistakes, eh? There are many more than this example, click through to see & laugh!

Herey herey here

Let’s end on the adorable: tiny, adventurous Lego photographer. Perfection.

Digital Dozen – your snow day/hump day edition.

It’s a constant fluffy snowfall out there in Toronto today, but I’m still slogging away midweek at work. Here’s some links to keep you entertained if you’re in a similar position.

  • Considering how chilly it is where I am now, I am really dying to have these amazing USB heated slippers that look like adorable anthropomorphic Smores! YESSS!!

  • While we’re talking comfortable and warm, what about these hooded onesies? I think between this and the smores slippers I’d never want to leave the house in winter. Or try to wear the Hoodsie to work..
  • These illustrations/animations of Twin Peaks characters are so striking. I don’t think I’ve seen a style of presentation like this before for images like this.
  • I love seeing visualizations of maps that are out of the ordinary, like these country lay-overs. It’s so surprising to visually compare places like this:
  • And while we’re at it, check out the GIF of maps of the known world from 2348 BC to AD 1828!

  • Have you ever wondered about the strange differences in dialect around the USA? It’s kinda fascinating. (The NYT did a US dialect quiz too, which is hilarious to take if you’re from outside the US, especially from quite far away like Australia. It told me I was from around New York/Bostonish, if I recall..)
  • Learn about the delicious science of chocolate
  • Did you know some groups of ants can act as a solid or a liquid? Looks at the amazing GIFs at this page, or check out the physics of how ants move in the video below. Insects are so frackin’ awesome.
  • Speaking of how awesome animals can be, did you know that some young dolphins are chewing puffer fish to get high? Kids these days!
  • Holy MOLY this is awesome. A book sculpture of Smaug emerging from a copy of the Hobbit. Yes. So good.
  • Interlocking chopsticks – these need to be everywhere, and stat.
  • Look at these beautiful polar bears enjoying an Alaskan sunset. Way better than seeing them trapped in a zoo enclosure.


Lazy, late-ish Digital Dozen.

This is later than I usually get around to posting my link wrap-up for the day! So if you’re browsing through over a night cap, or you’ve found this to peruse over your morning cuppa, enjoy!

  • Great Showdowns are always wonderful, but these recent ones pushed special buttons for me: The Goonies & Serenity.
  • Straw sculptures: they’re a thing, and they’re more awesome than sand sculptures. See? (This one especially great due to dog cameo.)
  • Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but small victories can matter. Keep it in mind when it’s a struggle to have people understand where you’re coming from, like fighting to have people understand stuff like rape culture is shitty.
  • Bad lip reading is pretty fun at the best of times, but they outdid themselves with the Game of Thrones “MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD” trailer:
  • Oreos are like drugs! The more you know.
  • The patterns of how people name is so interesting to see! Check out this shifting look at lady name trends in the USA:
  • And in more demographic statistical mapping that is possibly not really real but great anyhow..
  • Some folks can really be truly deluded in ridiculous things, like that homosexuality can be cured. Stephen Fry interviewed one of them.
  • Urge to somehow own a home just so I can wallpaper it with awesome prints, for instance:
  • And maybe some pretty awesome glow in the dark sheets to complete the magical wonder of decor?
  • I am extraordinarily fond of these newly suggested additions to the German language. Plauschplage, always.
  • Long exposures have always been a favourite photographic technique of mine, but I don’t get a chance to take advantage of it often (especially due to lack of tripod & SLR). These are hauntingly beautiful long exposures of couples sleeping that look so ethereal.

The Digital Dozen – August 3!

Once again it is time for me to drop by and bestow links for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy! And for those of you here in Ontario, enjoy your long weekend 🙂

  • Do you enjoy Justin Timberlake? It doesn’t matter, You’ll enjoy this genre-shifting short-form cover of ‘My Love’!
  • XKCD recently finished up an epic 3000-something frame long story within one frame – Geekwagon have put it together in a big sequence which you can have autoplay, or you can scroll through. It’s like a mega-GIF of a story. Wonderful!
  • This series of Adventure Time wallets are all terrific, but I’m particularly fond of this one:

    Peskimo Wallet 3

  • Do you read Sinfest? If not, get on that! It’s consistently one of my fave comic strips. Even when there’s no dialogue.
  • Summer life hacks! I am IN LOVE WITH the chip bag suggestion.
  • Nothing will make you smile more than seeing a bear hoedown – or some veritable bear pole dancing – this Saturday!
  • It seems like to do one of these would take a fair amount of time. But a whole Tumblr full? Someone’s got some awesome free time on their hands: Beer Labels in Motion.
  • I love the concept & execution of these gorgeous woodblock prints of (mostly) video game heroes. I am especially desperate for this one:

    Trouble Afoot


  • More collectible TMNT goodness – a couple bought a house (sight unseen which is a bit weird, but maybe it was a foreclosure or deceased estate?) and it has a motherload of TMNT stuff in there. I kinda dig the weapon display!
  • Look at these beautiful story books from McSweeney’s! I love the look of Lost Sloth. I feel the need to buy these for all my friends with kids right now.
  • I’ve seen some interesting ways to promo TV shows before, but I think this might take the cake – a giant dragon skull on a British beach to promote Game of Thrones season 3. Amazing.
  • When design is smart and totally practical, i’m in love. I want ALL JARS to be like these. (I love how angry the guy gets trying to get peanut butter out of that jar!) How is it 2013 and we don’t have jars like this? Gosh.

The Digital Dozen, late edition.

A Sunday special this weekend, as I was a busy bee yesterday. Enjoy!

  • A long time ago (we used to be friends), Veronica Mars took hold of a special place in my heart. I don’t have the disposable income to say I contributed to the movie Kickstarter, but I’m sure glad 90-something thousand other people did so it is being shot right now. (I’ll be sure to spend at the box office.) Thanks to San Diego Comic Con, I was just flailing at all the familiar marshmallows in this sneak preview. Awww. (There’s also some snippets from the panel over on Bleeding Cool.)
  • I went to a fantastic vegan BBQ last weekend, which i’ve been remiss in not writing about – it was fantastic though! Since then it’s been too hot to think about any kind of BBQ other than this Watermelon Grill. Who wants to hand deliver me one?
  • These creepy organisms really do look like living rocks. They’re pretty fascinating. But why on earth someone would look at this and decide to eat is is way beyond me.

  • Back when I was studying at the University of Queensland, I’d every so often go by the Physics Museum on campus (one of many museums at UQ), and also stroll past the nearby display of the pitch drop experiment. It dripped in my first year there, but nobody caught it on video or at all! Now finally someone’s caught a pitch drop on camera but it wasn’t the UQ one – maybe next time.. in a long time, I guess. The Trinity College one took 69 years.. SCIENCE!
  • This series of photos – ‘Paradise Parking‘ – is a beautiful mix of nature and modern decay. They look unreal! But they’re for real.
  • Adventure Time time! They’re putting out an Adventure Time encyclopaedia which looks pretty sweet. I wish they’d release the Enchiridion.
  • There’s no question that even if you didn’t see the headline you’d know these photos were all from the 90s. So much steeped in big hair and baggy pants. Oh, yeah:
  • One of my favourite podcasts is Good Job Brain, a general trivia and quiz podcast. It’s great fun, full of interesting little nuggets, and the hosts are enthusiastic and jovial. I encourage you to take a listen! I started way back at the board game episode, #22 – but take a look through the archive and see what takes your fancy.
  • Combine street murals and an awesome use of an unusual ‘found’ material to create them, and I’m a fan. These moss murals are so amazingly precise it’s hard to believe they’re created with a pressure washer. So cool.
  • Have you ever seen the Discovery Channel show How It’s Made(Visit the discovery.ca page if you’re in Canada). Back when I lived in a house with cable TV, I’d often find myself sucked in to watching clip after clip as they showed marathons of them. It’s hard to stop watching. Start here (U-locks; teepees; croissants; rolling luggage) and see how much of a hole you fall down.
  • Speaking of the Discovery Channel – there’s going to be a Breaking Bad special of the Mythbusters! Marvelous. While you’re at it, watch this 9 minute recap of everything that’s happened in Breaking Bad til now, in anticipation of the upcoming wrap-up of the series.
  • Allow yourself to be filled with joy while you watch this video of a firefighter saving an unconscious kitten from dying of smoke inhalation. My heart burst. There’s a short clip of an interview with him here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to trawl the internet for delicious bits of SDCC news/clips/etc!