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A quick ‘n’ dirty how to DIY Cold Brew Coffee!

If you have coffee, and time, then you can have cold brew coffee in the comfort of your own home. Here’s the very easy steps that me & Adam use at home to make cold brew! You will want to do this. Summer times means great cold coffee.

Step 1: Take your coffee beans (this lot was a Burundi from local roaster Cut Coffee, but we like most Pilot Roaster beans too!). Measure out 60gm, then grind on a coarse setting like you would when making a hot French Press brew.

Step 2: Pop your coffee grounds in a French Press, and pour 425ml in there.

Step 3: Using a spoon (or Aeropress paddle, like me!) gently stir the coffee grounds to make sure everything is saturated.

Step 4: Gently plunge the French Press filter down til it’s sitting just on the top of the water/grounds. Pop it in the fridge and leave it there for 12 hours!

Step 5: Don’t plunge the press! Instead, without jostling the grounds around too much, just pour the coffee out as-is – it’ll still be filtered through the mesh (although if you want things very clean, you can also pass it through a V60 filter or something too).

Step 6: This makes 2 servings of nice strong cold brew – take half and pop it into a glass and add the same amount of cold water as coffee to top it up, or pour it over a nice full glass of ice. Enjoy!!!

ENJOY!!!! You will really get to experience the variety of tasting notes in coffee with cold brewing, and I highly recommend trying it at least once. Your results may vary, but it’s definitely worth a try!

Kohi Aeropress metal fabric filter

I recently received a new Aeropress filter from a Kickstarter project (I think the quickest turnaround on a product I’ve ever backed!) – the Kohi Labs metal fabric filter. I love the Aeropress for brewing at home, and when this project was brought to my attention by coffee fiend Terry Hope Romero I looked into it and was pleased with what I saw!


I’d tried some metal filters previously, but they were all solid and let too many grounds/too much sediment through the brewing; and using paper filters is fine (especially rinsing them pre-brew to remove any possible taste) but I’d like to remove that waste if possible to cut down resources used for home brewing. It’s super fine and nice and flexible like the paper filters. (Thank you to this morning’s cereal and our Acacia Pearl for a cameo in this one).


The filter fits really nicely in the cap of the Aeropress too – I find that wetting it a little helps with the flip of the cap so the filter doesn’t come out and make it fiddly to screw on. Big important thing is to not forget to take the metal filter off before you pop the coffee grounds into your compost/garbage. It comes off easily and there’s only a little residue which rinses off with water and a little gentle rubbing. The pack includes some cleaning solution to use every so often on the filter to keep it in top shape and clear of residue and oils, too! Good thinking, Kohi.


Now, my fave way to brew is inverted, and I suggest you try the same if you have an Aeropress. Many guides suggest approx 14-17g of beans with varying brew times. Take a look at Stumptown’s, Blue Bottle’s and Pilot’s brewing guides. At home we use 30g of freshly ground coffee, fill to the top with 180 degree F water, and brew for 1.5 minutes. Depending on the bean you have, these things will vary. Enjoy my choppy little video and my dumb face’s cameo at the end showing the use of the Kohi & the inverted method! I encourage you to try out the Aeropress for excellent coffee brewed at home (or try it if you’re at a cafe that offers it as a brew method). Coffee!!!!

The Digital Dozen to peruse for your afternoon/evening/morning/whenever, time zones be damned, viewing pleasure.

Pop on the kettle, settle into the couch/sneakily browse at work and enjoy!

  • Adorably animated “may your coffee be…” video. I love these little cups!
  • Illustrator Otis Frampton has created this wonderfully nerdy ABC series of prints. I’d hang ’em up if I had childerbeasts. I’m especially fond of:
  • I’m sure there’s many of us who have wanted to have the power to change how we look. This short (about 7 mins) is an interesting look about what that could mean. Financed & filmed in Australia.
  • Australia has a number of detention centres for illegal immigrants (let’s use that term loosely, as most of them are refugees/asylum seekers). This is a powerful account of what it means to work inside one of those facilities.
  • Coolest door ever? COOLEST DOOR EVER.
  • These rugs are made of wood! They’re wild. They’re tesselated and crumple up and all. Amazing.
  • If you’re on Facebook, you’ll have seen the recent ‘look back’ videos that have been available for users. A South African comedy duo decided to create a parody one for Breaking Bad‘s Walter White and it’s quite good. (Someone did one for Darth Vader, too!)
  • I am enamoured with this wonderful Star Wars take on the Bayeux Tapestery – the Coruscant Tapestry. SO NERDY. Yesss.
  • Last time I posted I shared some mappy goodness. I have some more this week. First up is this visualization of the USA states, but with names switched so the populations are relative to state sizes. It’ll bust your mind all up.
  • Next is a layover of Google autocompletes onto US states. I kind want to do this for Canada & Australia now 😀
  • Have you ever wanted to watch an Olympic figure skater do a Big Lebowski-themed routine? You’re in luck! Thanks for making stuff happen, Jimmy Fallon.
  • Speaking of wonderful women showcasing their talents physically, this artist uses her body to create beautifully soft yet geometric pieces of art. I encourage you to watch the video.

Back around again to Things I Love Thursday

Alright, Thursday. You’ve come around again, haven’t you? January’s been a bit of a blur for me so far, and my internetting hasn’t brought me much time for blogging. But I’m clinging on!

TILT giving me a reason to keep coming back. Seriously, it’s a great and positive thing already, and realising it’s time to throw another TILT post together brings me back here. Now I just gotta get on the other stuff. (I refuse to entertain the notion of giving my links round-up up entirely, maybe I need to rethink the timing/frequency?)

Finding $2.25 in a dryer in the laundry room. Seriously, it was like a tiny fleck of gold in the mud. I used it to buy myself a (admittedly not great drip) coffee because I’m dead-tired today from having a sickly dog last night. Poor wee dude.

Realizing I have delicious cookies leftover from a meeting yesterday to have with my coffee! COOKIES.

Having a surrogate roomie for a bit! We’ve got a friend couchsurfing with us before he moves into his new pad, which means another built-in board/video game friend in the house! Yesss.

Knowing some pretty rad people. Wonderful feminists, animal lovers & rescuers, considerate folks willing to engage in great discussion about topics close to my heart. It’s great. I like being reminded there are folks like that in my slice of the world.

Writing/receiving letters. This has been wonderful of late! I am trying to get myself to send out something every 2 -3 weeks to someone. And as always, the receiving stuff is grand.

Having enough leftovers from last night’s mega salad to snack on a scaled-back version for lunch today. It’s just the greens & chick peas & dressing, but damn it’s good. (I have most of the rest of the veg as crudite snacks instead.)


What is making your Thursday rad, folks?

Digital dozen, get it while it’s hot!

  • Because dogs are wonderful, especially when caught in a strange pose: SHAKE, the book, is a collection of photographs of dogs caught at high speed while shaking off water. I mean, come on:
  • Do you love Sriracha hot sauce like I do? Read a little about the company and CEO behind it. Keeping it nice and simple, I like it.
  • Platypi are awesome creatures. I saw one in the wild once! It was so quick and nimble. I’ve never seen footage of one enjoying playing and belly rubs though. It’ll make you grin.
  • These illustrations are kind of a mixed bag, but I particularly enjoy the post-apocalyptic and surreal ones.
  • Would you like to be terrified? Enjoy! (In particular, the tongue biter will give me nightmares.)
  • When crowdsourcing goes very right – Alternatives to the Singularity, where “a bunch of funny people, futurists, and weirdos created 80+ variations on the theme of Singularity”. It’s worth going through the whole slideshow linked, but I particularly enjoyed the meta-ness of the Collabularity.
    New Picture (2)
  • It’s a shame that the studios churning out Batman and Superman movies won’t take the time to get their shit together for Wonder Woman movie. Look at this terrific short that some folks put together, and how even something not big budget can look exciting and feature badass ladies!
  • I am baffled by ‘The Fox’ by Ylvis, but I am delighted when Cookie Monster asks what the fox says, and the fox follows up by asking what Cookie Monster says. Sesame Street ❤
  • More for superhero nerds.. The trailer for the upcoming Captain America sequel has been released, and it looks rad! I’m also interested in how film companies are starting to use Instagram to tease upcoming stuff, like this snappy little X-Men Days of Future Past morsel.
  • Just look at these sweet-ass caffeine molecule coffee/espresso cups. I miss the caffeine molecule mug I used to have that mysteriously vanished from the sharehouse I used to live in here in Toronto 😦
  • When Adam watched this the other night, he immediately decided he wanted an adult-sized one – and who can blame him?
  • Artist Isiah Stevens has done a series of Disney Princesses dressed up as other characters for Halloween, and it’s pretty ingenious, looks amazing. (And he’s starting to do male Disney folks too!)

Montreal mini-vacation!

Last weekend Adam & I hopped on VIA Rail and had a 4 day weekend away in Montreal. (Well, 2 and a bit days really, as the first day/night was staying with a colleague of Adam’s outside Montreal, and Monday was half travel anyhow.) It was awesome to get away, have a change of scenery, but I think we pushed ourselves a little much walking around. We should’ve taken a bit more time to sit and relax, because it’s really what the both of us needed; by the time we were checking out of the hotel on Monday all we wanted to do was sit about in a cafe. (Which is not a terrible prospect for coffee lovers.) (Sorry we were too exhausted for you, Mont Royal, various museums, most of Old Montreal.) (PS. The cafe was Cafe Myriade, and the coffee as outstanding, and not far from Crudessence/Green Panther/Cafe Verdure!).

What we did do was eat delicious food, drink (mostly) great coffee, and wander randomly to explore stores/parks/streets. And that’s what we like out of vacations, mostly! I guess I just wanted MORE vacation. Which is a pretty natural response when getting away – trying to find that fine line between just enough break and wanting the comfort of home. Next vacation will be all about the downtime and chilling out, I think! (Added bonus of this: not missing Jake the dog 100% of every day and having a pang every time you walk past someone else’s dog in the street.)

So, enjoy a selection of the photos from our trip, and if you want to see the rest I’ve uploaded, you can see my photoset on Flickr. I’ve included some links in the captions, too!

Browsing games. We do this a lot when we travel! It leads to great finds.

Pourquois Pas – americano. They serve Pilot coffee, and have amazing vegan treats! Win win.

Cafe Melbourne – run by a couple of Aussies – they’d just opened the day we stumbled upon them. They serve a fairly generic bean (we were unfamiliar with the brand), but they do a killer espresso-based beverage! Lucky Montreal.


Window seat @ Flocon Espresso Bar. I didn’t try the coffee (Adam said it was so-so), but I was entertained by their use of space here.)

We stumbled upon this alley/loading bay covered in an amazing mural.

Cobbled street in Old Montreal, complete with accidental lens flare.

We popped into Montreal’s new-ish vegan bakery, Sophie Sucree. They have a great range of GF stuff, like this brownie (top), which was nice to see! I still stuffed my face with a beignet (bottom).

Incredible Italian ‘meatball’ sandwich on a freshly made GF bun at Cafe Verdure. Totally GF, vegan cafe. They had some great donuts and cookies, too!


Brunch at Aux Vivres. We ate here about 3 or 4 times. It was just down the street from Cafe Melbourne, handily! Similar to Toronto’s Fresh, but better.

And when someone says to get the dragon bowl at Aux Vivres (or anything with dragon sauce), just do it.

Sunrise from our hotel window.


Adam experiences pain. (This is funny to us because Adam’s celiac, and bread really does mean pain to him.)


I look forward to visiting Montreal again someday soon, especially seeing as how much the coffee & vegan eats scene has improved since I first visited in 2004! But until then, hopefully onto some more Canadian destinations.

This week’s digital dozen!

It’s a very lazy, drizzly Saturday. I hope you find yourself somewhere nice with a cuppa to kick back and browse these.

  • Coffee is a big deal for some of us. So you might enjoy this hilarious & NSFW (depending on where you work) mug: “What do we want? Coffee! When do we want it? I’LL FUCKING CUT YOU.” Grab a factory second from the Diesel Sweeties store.
  • And because getting coffee is SO important even for astronauts, NASA have used SCIENCE to make sure they can drink it with ease when in zero-gravity. That’s a pretty fine use of resources.
  • Have you seen the World’s End yet? It’s a bloody good time. I’ll have to write a review soon. Check out all 12 signs from the pubs in the movie here (slight spoilers; also, that gent in the King’s Head looks familiar..), and this Great Showdown of the movie by Scott C (he’s also done Shaun and Hot Fuzz showdowns in the past!)
  • An artist collaborates with her daughter to create amazing surreal sketches – there’s too many to pick a terrific highlight, go and check them all out!
  • A smart and funny short film that should make all of us feel a little guilty: “I Forgot My Phone“.
  • l would love a shiny metal fridge, especially if it came adorned as such (if only this were real!). It could lead to a cantina redecoration of my house though. Worse things have happened..
  • I recently watched the Mythbusters Breaking Bad episode, and was slightly underwhelmed. I think this episode of Fact or Fiction actually discusses the science of the show in a more concise and interesting way. Basically the science in the show is fact-ish with a liberal dose of storytelling convenience. At least they tried!
  • I’m sitting here writing this at a laptop with my head pointed down and my legs all crossed, basically being a poster child for garbage posture. Watch and learn how to improve posture if you’re sitting a lot – especially at a computer – all day!
  • Do you have a void in your life that could be filled with Peanuts cartoons overlaid with Smiths lyrics? I thought so.
  • When I first heard the clip of this played on Pop Culture Happy Hour, I honestly thought it was a cover! It’s kind of amazing. Dolly Parton’s Jolene slowed down 17%.
  • This is a really important PSA about the slaughter and capture of dolphins in Japan. Please take the time to watch, and also to check out the documentary ‘The Cove’.
  • And now for a moment of zen to end on.. the full circle rainbow: