Step UP

Here are some things that y’all cis men need to start doing.

  • Don’t just tell us that you support us; tell the world.
  • Start interrupting other men who are shit talking women, making inappropriate advances, generally being shitbags.
  • Write your reps about abortion rights. Abortion access is health care.
  • Raise the bar up from “well, at least they didn’t try to rape her” to “let’s all treat women as humans rather than sexual objects”. Let us live.
  • Actively make spaces welcome for cis- and trans-women. By default, they are not.
  • Share your emotions. Feel them publicly, if you are able to. Fuck the patriarchy, you’re allowed to feel.
  • Realize that supporting women does NOT equal not supporting men. We can all do both, but we have to realize there’s some more effort that needs to go into lifting women up.
  • Clap back at dudes who talk in stereotypes about women. And honestly, anyone who talks in stereotypes about anyone.
  • Treat women for who they are – singular human beings. Not if they’re a wife, mother, daughter, and the like.
  • Don’t judge women by what they are wearing. It’s got nothing to do with anything. And if you hear other people doing it, nip that shit in the bud.
  • Let cis- and trans-women be angry. Let us show a range of emotion outside of “soft and feminine”. We deserve this much.
  • Take the time to learn about massive issues facing women – and especially trans-women of colour, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, refugee and asylum seekers, and women of religions other than Christianity. Share these issues on your social networks. Talk about them with friends. Make it the norm to discuss, so we can get on with fixing this.
  • Please learn how periods and vaginas and pregnancy works.
  • Understand your privilege and the biases that benefit you in every aspect of your lives, including your hobbies.


There’s probably more, but I’m tired.

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