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A more personal BGGcon write-up

I know I wrote up my con experience for the Daily Worker Placement, but overall it wasn’t super casual, didn’t mention a lot of folks or my personal experiences, and definitely not all the games I played. I love this con, it’s got such a great sense of community and friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was pretty upset at getting sick and missing almost the entirety of Friday (and even then being fairly useless at the gatherings I attended that evening). One whole day of friends and games missed means a lot when it’s only really 4 full days of the con. I slept and dosed up on meds and tried to soldier through the rest of the weekend, but it definitely put a dent in my experience.

I had some lovely Day 0 experiences – I love getting in the day before the con to get settled, and ease into everything. There’s a little gaming here and there, and a lot of running into and meeting people! I was so happy to turn up with Fiona (I dragged her down for her first BGG!!) to find our roomies Maggi and Kimberly. Best roomies, babetown roomies. After that, my con brother Andrew (or Ace) had rounded up some plans for a (now traditional?) dinner out at the fantastic Spiral Diner! I love that place, and having a nice meal before the hectic con is such a great way to start the week – plus, look at these wonderful people ❤


After a grocery stock-up and a little late night The Game, I hit the hay. Because it was up bright and shiningly early on Wednesday for a registration line party! It’s not really necessary to get in line heckin’ early as the BGG Team Geek crew do a great job of getting everyone their badges and wristbands and shuffled off to pick up their free games. It’s nice to get first pick of the games, but it’s even nicer to be hanging out with a whole lotta other nerds playing games in groups as we wait for the con to officially kick off. I got to try Broom Service: the card game, which ended up being a fave of the con! Also, it was the first time I’d seen a lot of other friends, so it was a  nice energizing morning.


And then it was con time! Despite the sickness, I played a bunch of games (including a lot from my “want to try” list!) and ultimately wasn’t disappointed – although I kinda wish I’d spent the time I spent playing New Angeles playing something else, it was an interesting experience. However, I’m going to leave more comments on games for a follow-up post. This is about my folks. My gaming fam. (Even though it was tough knowing I was missing out on seeing some great friends who weren’t able to make this year’s con.) A great deal of people that I saw were folks I met for the first time last BGGcon and it was almost like no time had passed – the terrific Plaid Hat folks, Chris, Niki & Donald from Board with Life, Ian, the Nikolas & Ai dream team, Ace & JR (part of the DFW Nerd Nighters), the Dukes of Dice lovelies, the Dog & Thimble goons (hey Hil, hey Chris!!), Hunter, Matt E, Paul, Michael & Erin (they are best) and lots of wonderful Twitter folks (Patrick, Travis, Rich, Bill, Rodney, Marty, Bebo, Zee and all y’all because there’s too many to list!). And then I get to see a lot of folks who also attend the Gathering in April, and it’s so wonderful to see them and know it’s not gonna be too long til we game again.

This year was an EXPLOSION of meeting excellent Twitter friends though!! Oh holy wow. SO MANY PEOPLE. It was kind of amazing 🙂 Like the folks listed above, I might not have had a chance to game with all of them, but I said hi and chatted, and it was so great to put faces to names (or voices, for those whose podcasts I listen to!) – there are so many of you to list, honestly it was great to pass like ships in the night, or push cubes with you. It was seriously great meeting some other gaming ladies I’ve been chatting with on Twitter such as Annette, Kathleen & Mandi, too. And speaking of more rad ladies – I was lucky enough to make connections with folks I didn’t know at all before and managed to meet some cool women like Elena, Cynthia, Beth, Milena, Lindsay, Jayme, Amber, Alycen & Phoebe.  And speaking of amazing women, how about my Games on the Rocks ladies Mags, Steph & Suz? These friends of mine who I’m lucky to know, and keep in touch with all year – and then I get to see them at BGGcon for big ol’ squishy hugs, games and even making a little livestream from the hotel bar happen. One of my highlights for sure. (And yeah, we did get crashed by these loons. It was the best.)


After the long last night (gotta squeeze out those last gaming hours) and checking out of the hotel, there were quite a few of us still around for most of the last day on Sunday. Comparing notes, getting in last plays of things, and having a lot of (s o m a n y) goodbyes. Yeah, I got weepy saying goodbye to my closer friends. I mostly held it together, but still – through our hobbies we meet people who become close to us and important and I felt that while saying farewells. Fiona and I got some extended time with a few folks whose flight was pretty close time-wise to ours, and that was great too (who doesn’t love a little shuttle party and airport food dinner?) – and I gotta say, I love Fiona for coming and having a blast like I knew she would, and I’m glad all my folks know her now, too.


If I saw you at the con, know that I wish I’d played more, eaten more and drank more with you. Don’t be afraid to ask me, I might just be floating about and not spotting anyone. Next year I’m gonna be at 100% and fighting fit, and nothing’s going to stop me! Thank you to each one of you who took a moment alone with me too – Rob, Zee, Ace, Maggi, Fiona, especially – because I know those are few and far between.

Until next year! (Unless you’re here for the games, in which case – until next blog post sometime in the next couple of days!)