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A quick ‘n’ dirty how to DIY Cold Brew Coffee!

If you have coffee, and time, then you can have cold brew coffee in the comfort of your own home. Here’s the very easy steps that me & Adam use at home to make cold brew! You will want to do this. Summer times means great cold coffee.

Step 1: Take your coffee beans (this lot was a Burundi from local roaster Cut Coffee, but we like most Pilot Roaster beans too!). Measure out 60gm, then grind on a coarse setting like you would when making a hot French Press brew.

Step 2: Pop your coffee grounds in a French Press, and pour 425ml in there.

Step 3: Using a spoon (or Aeropress paddle, like me!) gently stir the coffee grounds to make sure everything is saturated.

Step 4: Gently plunge the French Press filter down til it’s sitting just on the top of the water/grounds. Pop it in the fridge and leave it there for 12 hours!

Step 5: Don’t plunge the press! Instead, without jostling the grounds around too much, just pour the coffee out as-is – it’ll still be filtered through the mesh (although if you want things very clean, you can also pass it through a V60 filter or something too).

Step 6: This makes 2 servings of nice strong cold brew – take half and pop it into a glass and add the same amount of cold water as coffee to top it up, or pour it over a nice full glass of ice. Enjoy!!!

ENJOY!!!! You will really get to experience the variety of tasting notes in coffee with cold brewing, and I highly recommend trying it at least once. Your results may vary, but it’s definitely worth a try!