Seattle’s sights, and seeing them.

I did a bit of non-museum wandering while in Seattle – whaaat! While I pause for the moment on writing about the museums and galleries, here’s a little about the sights I saw. I also will be writing up on the food I enjoyed – and I have already written up my thoughts on the game cafes I visited while in town over at the Daily Worker Placement.

Now I think about it, I regret not taking any photos of the UW campus, which I should have – it was lovely and green – but that’s where the Burke Museum‘s building was, so you can see at least the outside of it there. First day in town I had a wander around the Pike Place Market general area in the downtown/central part of Seattle. I wasn’t interested in the actual market – especially the gross fish throwing, blergh! – but I saw some nice little nooks and crannies and it was a good way to have a relaxed and less focused visit somewhere.


wpid-dsf6427.jpeg wpid-dsf6426.jpeg wpid-dsf6415.jpegwpid-dsf6413.jpeg

I found this wonderful little urban garden – and there was a lovely view from there! It was such a wonderful little oasis, with lots of veggies & herbs growing, that I believe are used by some of the restaurants in the market.

 wpid-dsf6405.jpeg wpid-dsf6410.jpeg

wpid-dsf6406.jpeg wpid-dsf6409.jpeg

wpid-dsf6433.jpeg wpid-dsf6401.jpeg

A couple of little quirks I found wandering in the quieter parts of the market. Yes, the dudes washroom was XY.

wpid-dsf6412.jpeg wpid-dsf6411.jpeg

I then hit the streets and little alleyways of the market’s surrounds. I saw the ‘original’ Starbucks which was hella busy, but I honestly just wished there was a really good indie coffee store around there somewhere! When I went to the gumwall there was a wee cafe called ‘Ghost Alley Espresso’ which wasn’t too bad – and it was a nice spot to chill out and watch people be grossed out by the gum 🙂

wpid-dsf6436.jpeg wpid-dsf6419.jpeg wpid-dsf6447.jpeg wpid-dsf6448.jpeg

More random wanderings – first pics are from a neat installation near MOHAI. My second morning in town I took a really nice walk from where I was staying in Ballard over to Fremont. I was aiming to get a bite to eat at one of the vegan places in the ‘hood, but I also came across random Lenin, and visited the Fremont troll!

wpid-dsf6557.jpeg wpid-dsf6560.jpeg


wpid-dsf6459.jpeg wpid-dsf6466.jpeg

Whenever I go to a city with a big ol’ tower, I love to go up in it. I love getting the perspective! I love the views from the CN Tower here, and although the Space Needle isn’t quite as high, it’s lovely views. I had a pass that allowed me to go up both at night and during the day, which was great! Unfortunately, the daytime was too hazy to see Mount Rainier 😦

wpid-dsf6556.jpeg wpid-dsf6706.jpeg


wpid-dsf6782.jpeg wpid-dsf6787.jpeg

Bonus views from the elevator ride of the tops of nearby buildings/museums:

wpid-dsf6785.jpeg wpid-dsf6778.jpeg

They had lots of great info for visitors, and interactives – like having an automated camera take your photo (included in your ticket price) that you could email to yourself, interactive live/archived views to look through on big screens, and interactivity like sharing your selfies or putting yourself on the visitor map.


There’s so many sights I didn’t see, and much that I didn’t photograph as I was busy hanging out or wandering around. I would have liked to see the statue park, take a little cruise, ferry to Bainbridge Island, and also do a bit of area-visiting like seeing Mount Rainier properly, and visiting the filming locations of Twin Peaks. But that means just more to go back and enjoy next time!


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One response to “Seattle’s sights, and seeing them.”

  1. dimsimkitty says :

    I found the gum wall for the first time this trip. I hadn’t really looked for it before because it sounded gross, this time I just happened to stumble across it. It was gross.

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