Apiecalypse Now Pizza & Snack Bar – review!


A while back, the Apiecalypse Now! bakery storefront on Markham Street shut down to refocus. At a new location, the Apiecalypse Now Pizza & Snack Bar had its grand opening on May 30th. I braved the lineup and grabbed a couple of slices as I was briefly in the ‘hood, but decided to drop back in yesterday for their first regular day of business and sit down for a quiet slice.


I am so pleased this new space has a little seating, in the front window nook (this picture was taken from there). It’s nice to have a sit and watch Bloor Street go by, with Christie Pitts park in the distance. The store is counter service, and it’s almost impossible to make a decision considering the amazing offerings of treats like donuts/cupcakes etc, plus the range of pizza slices. Throw the option of a Grains Grains Grains sub into the mix and it’s paralyzing. Deliciously paralyzing.



I have tried the BBQ Buffalobotomy, the Slayer & the Mac & Charlie. Not only do they have some of the best names ever for their slices (I am quite fond of the Weakerthans nod with ‘Reunion Tour’), they’re filling, flavourful and fantastic. All but the Reunion Tour use Daiya cheese, which I’m okay with – but some folks aren’t partial to it. I wish I’d gotten to try the ‘meaty’ Pig Destroyer Destroyer, but the slices I’ve had have used soy curls to my tastebuds’ pleasure. Below, the BBQ Buffalobotomy (L) and Slayer (R).


And, um, best condiments ever? I put hot sauce and nooch on almost everything, so I’m the #1 fan of this.


Not only are there terrific pizza slices and treats, but you can grab merch (buttons, mugs), Go Max Go candy bars and jars of the wonderous Magic Vegan Bacon Grease, there’s also a soft serve machine, with vanilla and chocolate available!



We’ve been spoilt with it at Bunners in Kensington Market for a while, but I do really like the option of all sorts of great sauces and sprinkley things. I got a sundae rather than a cone, so I could have peanut and fudge sauce with Oreo crumbles on mine. I’d like the soft serve to be creamier, but it was great all the same. I should’ve gotten vanilla/choc swirl!


I’m looking forward to seeing how this great little place develops, and if they will integrate any of the bakery’s cooler offerings (like the great sauces, dressings etc especially) in the near future. I have also heard talk of testing a gluten free crust, so I hope that appears soon – I love gluten, but would like to eat there with my vegan allergy-ridden pals.

Make sure to stop by and grab a slice/treat/sundae to take to the park, or order a whole pizza even. I think I will, next time.. Basically, just say FUCK YES to this amazing new vegan place.

Hours for the store are:

Monday — Closed.
Tuesday–Saturday 1200-23:30
Sunday 1200-20:00

Accepts debit and cash. (And possibly credit? I didn’t check.) And no delivery – yet? 🙂


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