Museum of History and Industry, Seattle

Previously: the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture 

On a beautiful, sunny Seattle day I grabbed a coffee and made my way through a lovely park near the south end of Union Lake to the Museum of History and Industry (or MOHAI). I’d had this recommended to me by friends, and was glad that I stopped in.


The main gallery of the museum takes you through Seattle’s history, from the indigenous groups of the region and their culture & technology, through the settlement of the area by colonists, the development of industry through the wars, prohibition, to modern times and innovations in the area (including the musical accomplishments of the grunge era!).







There was also a section on Maritime Seattle specifically, which I found a little less engaging and interesting. As a little single-gallery exhibit, there was something called A Place At the Table, which is a nod to the Greek cuisine history of the area. It was like a little snippet of the ethnicity pie of the city, even though it wasn’t too in depth.



I really enjoyed the special exhibition American Spirits, the rise and fall of prohibition. It’s a part of history that the country I grew up in really didn’t experience, so it was fascinating to see how it really became part of life, culture and history.




Then there were some general things down in the main floor/lobby of the museum – their innovation space, and general displays that stood on their own.




I would recommend MOHAI if you’re interested in learning a bit more about Seattle’s history, but also their current efforts in innovation and industry. It’s in a lovely spot, and the building is beautiful (and accessible). I paid $17 to get in, and that included all of the exhibitions. There is a small store and a cafe on site, also. Plus, you can’t beat wandering around the grounds to see cool stuff like this..



Thanks for the great morning, MOHAI! I’ll be back.



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4 responses to “Museum of History and Industry, Seattle”

  1. Wedgwood in Seattle History says :

    Don’t forget First Thursday! MOHAI and many other Seattle museums are free for all or part of the day, first Thursday of the month.

  2. dimsimkitty says :

    I haven’t been here yet, but I have heard many people recommend it. Next visit!

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