Scarce! The call of the wild… board game convention?

I’ve become a little scarce – with the lovely Easter long weekend throwing my blogging balance off, and the annual board game convention the Gathering of Friends upcoming, you will likely not see much of me here until the end of April. I’ll be busy gaming this (4-day) weekend, and then next (3-day) weekend (and at the end of the month, I’ll likely do wrap-ups like I did for last year)! Between that I’ll be cramming in work, real life, Jake cuddles.

If you are into board games, and on Instagram or Twitter, make sure to follow me there for more Gathering of Friends “as it happens” sorts of stuff! My friend Sean and I will likely be sharing updates on the Daily Worker Placement Instagram and Twitter accounts too, so give ’em a follow. And the tag #GOF2015 will be of wider interest for you if you’re into this all.

Here’s a little shot of what one of the nights of games was like last year!

Game room is ballin' tonight! #gof2014

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See you all soon!


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