Goodbye to Sir Terry

Yesterday, there was some very sad news – Sir Terry Pratchett passed away – and it really hit me much harder than I thought it would. I haven’t by any means read all of the Discworld books (but the Death ones are my faves), nor any of his solo work outside that Universe, but he did co-write my favourite book ever, Good Omens, with Neil Gaiman.

The above is the title page of my copy of Good Omens (my cover is this one). I had it signed by Neil when I attended the Continuum convention in Melbourne in 2003 (oh man.. that’s forever ago) – I babbled at him about how it was my favourite book, and he signed it (top) leaving space for Terry, should I ever get him to also sign it. (I think this is one of the regular ways they’d sign it even if it wasn’t at the same event!).

Then a few years later, Terry was in Australia and doing a signing in Brisbane (where I lived) at the Pulp Fiction bookstore. I worked just across the river at the time, so had planned on taking a long lunch to go. I was hit that morning with one of the worst bouts of hayfever I’d had in ages (I distinctly remember how awful I felt) – I ended up leaving work sick, but couldn’t face not meeting Terry. So I went and waited in line, snuffling and sniffling and generally feeling miserable. I waited for ages. But then there was Terry, so lovely and friendly, taking the time to have a quick chat with everyone who was getting a book signed.

This book is one of my treasures! I wish that I had it with me now instead of having left it packed up at home. I will be getting it onto my ereader soon for a re-read, as well as filling some of the gaps in my Discworld reading that have taken me too long to get to. Sir Terry has really left a large void in the literary world. He had such a unique tone and humour, yet was so insightful even with a series of silly, fun books like Discworld. There’s nobody like him and we’ll miss him forever. I’m so glad he left us behind so many things to love.


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2 responses to “Goodbye to Sir Terry”

  1. Trish says :

    I remember reverently holding that treasure as you packed up your life in Brisbane. You got me reading Neil, and although I had read some discworld books, Good Omens was something else. Heartbroken for his family, so glad for him.

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