Fenix for Twitter – for Android! (A review/rave?)

EDIT April 2016: Unfortunately, this app is no longer being supported and has been removed from the Google Play store (source). I’m pretty bummed!


I’ve always been a little unsatisfied with the straight-up Twitter app for Android. It’s just little things that add up – promoted Tweets in my timeline, having to click through to see Instagram pics, only having the standard retweet function & no quoting, etc.. I switched to using Tweedle for a while, which was acceptable in fixing most of my issues. But it wasn’t quite doing the job. I had to click through for images, they didn’t appear in the timeline; there wasn’t any ‘notifications’ section for favs/follows/retweets, just a mentions tab; and the way it handled catching up on older tweets was frustrating (too much scrolling, trying to find my place, etc). Plus it just looked a little clunky.

I can’t remember why, but I recently started poking around again, Googling for decent Twitter for Android clients. Some more recent forum posts/tech blog roundups included Fenix, which is one I hadn’t seen mentioned the last time I did a search for a decent alternative to the default app. I was a little hesitant to dive in & pay $5ish for an app I hadn’t tried, but I’d read great things, features looked worthwhile, and the reviews on the Google Play store were pretty positive.

Fenix is terrific, and for someone who uses a Twitter client frequently it’s worth every cent. It’s absolutely better than the default app as well as any alternative app for Android that I’ve tried. Just off the top of my head, here’s some of the things that are making me super glad I am using it now:

  • Images in timeline, including Instagram and also support for GIFs now!
  • Ability to mute hashtags, users, etc.
  • The look is super clean and it’s an easy interface – I really like the way if you click a Tweet, it pops out to the side (and you can scroll up to see a conversation) while still keeping your timeline visible to the left.
  • There’s an ‘activity’ tab which shows you follows/faves/retweets, and a separate mentions tab, which I think makes keeping track of all notifications so much easier.
  • I’ve set it to refresh always while I’m on Wifi, but it also stays put at the last place I was in my timeline so I can scroll up through all the stuff I’ve missed. There’s also a little number at the top to show how many tweets are waiting to be read, and I can just tap that to scroll straight to the top without worrying about reading anything if I want!
  • There’s a simple press-and-hold to bring up options for each tweet (fav, retweet etc)
  • There’s a quote function as well as a regular retweet function!
  • You can swipe between the columns and everything flows and looks so nice and smooth. What I like also is the nice way it looks if you view someone’s profile – there’s a header & their icon while you’re at the top, and as you scroll down their profile their header/icon shrinks to be a little bar at the top. It’s not necessary but it looks sweeeeeet.
  • Easy access to lists and saved searches is great, and it may end up encouraging me to use those functions far more.
  • Customizing is made easy – you can pick and choose the screens/tabs you want, the notifications you want, etc.
  • Oh, and if you’re into stuff like having multiple tweet drafts, multiple accounts, that’s there too.
  • Best of all, no promoted tweets. Aaah.

I am so into it! I encourage you to check it out if you’re on Android and a frequent Tweeter!


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