Things I <3 Thursday

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, it’s great to see discussions online already. The wonderful organization White Ribbon here in Canada led an International Women’s Day Town Hall discussion on Twitter, which talks about all of the intermingling issues such as healthy vs toxic masculinity, violence against women, feminism and sexism. I love the work they’re doing – take a read of this short piece on Men’s Roles and Feminism to see just one of the reasons why. This is all pushing my brain to write something up for IWD this Sunday.

I love this website designed to seamlessly loop a variety of ‘white noise’ in various flavours, however you wanna mix them. I’m finding it’s really helping with my ability to focus and relax during a work day, and I’ve even tried the timer fade out in the app, which is awesome for calming my brain at the end of the day when i’m trying to sleep. Right now I’m enjoying some waves, fire and a touch of singing bowl.


I can sincerely say that I never thought I’d be this in love with the Gilmore Girls. So far this year I’ve ripped through 3 and a bit seasons of it on Netflix, and while it’s not perfect, it’s still a gem. Positive female characters, looking at all the different kinds of people women can be, how making mistakes is a part of growing up, and (the biggest thing for me) showing a mother/daughter relationship like Rory & Lorelai, are all rich parts of the show.

My new sweats! I fucking LOVE them. So comfy. I got in on the black-on-black action so I can be sneakily sweary at all times wearing them. Hahahaha.


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