Kohi Aeropress metal fabric filter

I recently received a new Aeropress filter from a Kickstarter project (I think the quickest turnaround on a product I’ve ever backed!) – the Kohi Labs metal fabric filter. I love the Aeropress for brewing at home, and when this project was brought to my attention by coffee fiend Terry Hope Romero I looked into it and was pleased with what I saw!


I’d tried some metal filters previously, but they were all solid and let too many grounds/too much sediment through the brewing; and using paper filters is fine (especially rinsing them pre-brew to remove any possible taste) but I’d like to remove that waste if possible to cut down resources used for home brewing. It’s super fine and nice and flexible like the paper filters. (Thank you to this morning’s cereal and our Acacia Pearl for a cameo in this one).


The filter fits really nicely in the cap of the Aeropress too – I find that wetting it a little helps with the flip of the cap so the filter doesn’t come out and make it fiddly to screw on. Big important thing is to not forget to take the metal filter off before you pop the coffee grounds into your compost/garbage. It comes off easily and there’s only a little residue which rinses off with water and a little gentle rubbing. The pack includes some cleaning solution to use every so often on the filter to keep it in top shape and clear of residue and oils, too! Good thinking, Kohi.


Now, my fave way to brew is inverted, and I suggest you try the same if you have an Aeropress. Many guides suggest approx 14-17g of beans with varying brew times. Take a look at Stumptown’s, Blue Bottle’s and Pilot’s brewing guides. At home we use 30g of freshly ground coffee, fill to the top with 180 degree F water, and brew for 1.5 minutes. Depending on the bean you have, these things will vary. Enjoy my choppy little video and my dumb face’s cameo at the end showing the use of the Kohi & the inverted method! I encourage you to try out the Aeropress for excellent coffee brewed at home (or try it if you’re at a cafe that offers it as a brew method). Coffee!!!!


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2 responses to “Kohi Aeropress metal fabric filter”

  1. Juan says :

    Thank you for supporting us. We are glad you are enjoying the filter.
    A little tip I have is to immediately retract the plunger 1/2″ after the press. This helps remove the fines off the filter and makes cleaning easier.
    Give it a try and tell me what you think.

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