Music Monday? Sure!

Next week I’m going to see Sleater-Kinney! They’re one of my all-time favourite bands, and I couldn’t believe my luck that, on top of a new album, there was going to be a tour, and Toronto was included in it (after the first wave of announcements). And PS, there are still tickets! So I’m going to have a little SK lovefest getting prepared for the show next week. Which is on a Monday and I’m sure that as an old lady it’s gonna be tough to make it all night, oof.

The most recent clip, which is a wonderful mashup with the great Bob’s Burgers!

This was one of the first songs that really grabbed my attention, as it was the current album when I started listening to them. So upbeat.

Call the Doctor is (with Dig me Out and the Hot Rock) are the rowdier, riot grrl less polished but still amazing gems. I tend to cherry pick from these albums depending on my mood.

All Hands on the Bad One and One Beat are the two albums I would have to include in a desert island survival pack (I even owned them on CD y’all!). They are amazing as standalone wholes, but I’ve often listened to them both on repeat. Above is one of my faves from AHOTBO (You’re No Rock ‘n’ Roll Fun), but here’s one from One Beat. I saw them for the first time the year One Beat came out in the hot sweaty venue known as the Zoo in Brisbane – I ran into them on the street and had my photo taken with them, even! Who knows where all that is now, probably on a backed up CD somewhere back home.

When the Woods came out, I flipped a little. The production was rich, and the guitars and effects were soul-grabbing. I was really moved by it. I still close my eyes at the start of this song every time and get drawn in by the riff.

When they toured the Woods, I broke my vow to never attend another Big Day Out and hopped a plane to Sydney to see them perform there (which was awesome because I also got to see Iggy & the Stooges and the Beasts of Bourbon!). And as I was already there, I saw them do a club show in Sydney too! It was so great. Here’s a few pics, which I do have:




But then the band went their separate ways. I saw Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss perform with Wild Flag, which was pretty great, and led me to discover how terrific their music was (but then they went their separate ways too). But nothing is ever quite the same as seeing one of your favourite bands, or having a new album drop from them!

SO! No Cities to Love and a tour. So excited. Sub Pop has the album to stream on YouTube, but I am particularly fond of this one. Makes a girl wanna tap her foot, y’know?


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