Digital Dozen linkfest – animal edition!

If you are an animal lover like me, you’ll enjoy this Digital Dozen of animal-related stuff. Obviously dog-heavy, because have you met me? Lots of vids and images and generally things to warm your Wednesday!

I don’t understand how, but this dog was entered in a Star Wars photo contest and did not win. How is that even possible, when these were the competition?! Outrageous.

This guy knows what’s up.

Look at these beautiful tiny animal embroideries. So delicate.

Sweet hedgehog who can accidentally play some alright improv piano jazz! His name is Marutaro and you’ll want to see more about him here, of course.

Someone in LA is fundraising on IndieGogo for a dog cafe right now! Yesssss!! Take that, cat cafes. I hope they get off the ground, especially considering the idea is to  have the dogs there up for adoption to find their forever homes 😀

This rat knows what he likes, and broccoli just is not it. Hilariously the opposite of my dog Jake who WHINES if you’re chopping it and won’t give him scraps.

Pringle is kinda the best lizard, am I right?

Can dogs see in colour, or just black and white? This is a short, informative video that says yeah, they kinda can see some colour.

Animal Problems” is a really sweet Tumblr blog of little illustrations.

Kanzi the bonobo makes a fire & roasts marshmallows, because wouldn’t you? Also, how amazing are chimpanzees? Oh man. I love the tentative nibble he gives at the freshly roasted treats.

This hamster is such a greedy guts! It’s a small clip of a hamster stuffing his cheeks, then showing an x-ray version of it which is kind of incredible!

If only we could all find our perfect chill zone like this cat – watching videos of Slayer from the couch.


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4 responses to “Digital Dozen linkfest – animal edition!”

  1. Carol says :

    Love the Chewbacca. That furry beast was robbed!

  2. dimsimkitty says :

    Chewbacca dog was ROBBED! Can we lodge a protest? Who do I talk to about this??

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