2015 Gaming “Resolutions”

Over at BGG, I frequent the “Women & Gaming” forum, where ladies in the hobby get together to chat about games, and life, and stuff (and also non-lady friends, parters, allies are encouraged to take part too!). Someone was curious what everyone’s 2015 gaming ‘resolutions’ (more goals/plans) for gaming in the year would be. So here’s mine – slightly edited to add another one I put on there after I’d posted. Do you, as a board gamer, have any goals for the year?

1. Scale back buying new games; I can’t say no new games coming in because Adam gets some free copies of stuff through his translation work, but our choices to buy can definitely go down. Plus Adam will always buy Netrunner stuff.

2. Go back to our system (stolen 100% from Steve & Leslie Wolfhard) of putting a few coins in a jar every time we play a game and when there’s enough there, put it toward something new; that way we’re forcing ourselves to play what’s in our collection, and also rewarding ourselves for it! It helps with slowing down buying too.

3. Cull the collection! For a while Adam’s been hesitant to do this, but I think he realizes it’s time now; we have a big job with it, but it’ll be worth it to trim the fat. (As you can see from the hectic shelves below, it needs trimming and tidying!)

4. Log more plays! Right now I just log new-to-me games the first time I play so I remember at year-end, but I think more stats on what I play would be fun.

5. More W&G participation and more online games at BAJ/BGA/Yucata with W&G forum folks!

6. More blogging about games.

+7. Complete a 10×10 gaming challenge with Adam. (I’m going to write more about this later over at the Daily Worker Placement, but here’s what we’ve chosen.)

[Aforementioned shelves – click through for larger messy versions.]




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3 responses to “2015 Gaming “Resolutions””

  1. MeShell says :

    I really like #2!

  2. Jack says :

    Reblogged this on Tome and Tomb.

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