Snowpiercer – a vague review/more like a really enthusiastic recommendation

Snowpiercer poster

The most brutal enemy that we can face is ourselves, and Snowpiercer lays out that struggle bare. Post-apocalyptic class struggle on a moving train with heavy dashes of action, fighting, violence and even touches of (somewhat absurd) humour at times make a package that is hard not to enjoy. There’s no hand-holding explaining of the plot, but instead you’re made to understand as it unfolds with dialogue and metaphors all around. You know enough about the characters to feel for them, root for them or against them. You are caught up in the fight from the tail of the train forward with everyone else.

I went into this movie really knowing the bare minimum other than “generally gritty sci-fi action post-apocalyptic excitement” – which I think helped greatly so I could get caught up in the ride, so to speak. I don’t actually want to spoil the movie with plot points, which is why I’m keeping this review fairly vague (if you’d like to read more specific/spoil-y stuff, then Rotten Tomatoes has all you need, and the Filmspotting podcast has a good spoilerish discussion). Here’s some awesome stuff that might entice you:
– Gritty underbelly of the lower class
– Dystopian future
– Humans fucking shit up for themselves and each other in big ways
– The fight for equality
– Weird protein blocks to chow down on
– How the hell does life on a constantly moving train work anyhow
– Intense and crowded fight scenes
– General ultraviolence
– Getting attached to characters when maybe you shouldn’t
– Set/costume design and direction that make sci-fi a pleasure to watch, and you’re never taken out of the atmosphere that’s generated by that.
If any of this sounds awesome to you, you’ll be enthralled and entertained with Snowpiercer, and I encourage you to check it out on the big screen if you can! It was so, so good and I want to watch it again to revel in the detail/build up of story.

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