“Yoink!” – my quirky photo taking series.

Today’s post will be a little lighthearted for the sake of amusement and escapism. A while back, when I worked at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, we had a massive inflatable shark up on the roof to promote an exhibition. And one day I was all, “Hey, it’d be hilarious if I snapped a photo that made it look like I was picking up the shark.”  And then..

My hand reaching out to 'steal' a large inflatable shark from the Queensland Museum

Your giant shark! IT IS MINE.

So a tradition was born! It’s been a while since I’ve added to the collection, but there’s over 60 images I’ve taken over the years. I was reminded of the series thanks to the ‘wayback machine’ app Timehop that brought up the photo of me ‘stealing’ the London Eye back in summer of 2010.

I should start it up again.. find some steal-able things around Toronto that aren’t the CN Tower 🙂 Or get some good ones in Halifax when I go in September! Until then, here’s a few of my favourites for a laugh. You can view the rest in a set on Flickr, as I migrated them over there from my original Facebook album a few years back (I keep my photos etc locked down and private there now).

Me reaching out to pick up Glasgow's 'armadillo'

Your Armadillo! IT IS MINE. (Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow)

Me reaching out to pick up Stonehenge

Your mysterious stone monument! IT IS MINE. (Stonehenge, Salisbury England)

Me reaching out to pick up one of the great pyramids

Khafre’s Pyramid! IT IS MINE. (Cairo, Egypt)

Me reaching out to grab a t-rex skeleton

Your famous T-Rex! HE IS MINE. (American Museum of Natural History, NYC)

Me reaching out to grab Mount Rushmore

Your rock Presidents! THEY ARE MINE. (Mount Rushmore, USA)

Me reaching out to pick up a tree made of traffic lights.

Your traffic light of confusion! IT IS MINE. (Isle of Dogs, London UK)

Me reaching out to pick up the statue of liberty.

Your frenchy lady! SHE IS MINE.

I hope you enjoyed that little diversion from regular photo updates. Have a landmark/thing/place to suggest for this series? Comment!


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