Canadaversary! 5 whole years in the great white North.

On May 20th, 2009, I hopped on a plane from Heathrow in London and got off here in Toronto at Pearson International Airport. I went through immigration for my 2 year working holiday visa, cleared customs & picked up my bags. Here I was! Expecting to spent two years in Toronto, hanging out in Canada. Haha, two years. Yep.

Harbourfront & the CN Tower

It’s been really terrific here, obviously. This is getting close to the longest I’ve lived in one place since I was back in Brisbane, too. (Brisbane was 7 years, so we’re getting there.) I can’t claim to have experienced much more of Canada than Toronto, but this city has been wonderful to me. All of its fun, character, quirks and charm. Plus, the coffee and vegan treats don’t hurt. It’s amazing thinking back to a time when I could count the people I knew here on one hand, with a couple of fingers left for scratching. Now there’s just a bounty of wonderful friends in my life, plus my wonderful family of Adam & Jake. It’s nice to call here home.

Sports Moose

The nightmare cuckoo clock @ Toronto institution Honest Ed’s Department Store

It’s kinda strange to think 5 whole years have gone by! It’s nice to celebrate this milestone as a permanent resident. I left Australia way back in 2007, and I haven’t yet been back for a visit. I’m well overdue. Until then, I’ll keep on enjoying Toronto and getting out to see as much Canada as I can. I’ve been mostly to cities (Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa – in addition to Toronto) and I’ve seen a little of southern Ontario here and there (it’s lovely!) – but I want to really get out and see more. The Maritimes is next on my list! Until then, you can find me in Toronto, waiting for the time I can apply to become a citizen (exciting because  new passport, and also being able to finally vote!).

Toronto City Hall / Nathan Philips Square



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2 responses to “Canadaversary! 5 whole years in the great white North.”

  1. Jamie says :

    Happy Canadaversary! This country is all the much better for having you in it! 😀

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