Cartoon Flashbacks : obscure edition?

Last night I sat down to the board game Arkadia, and it immediately gave me an earworm. Though the game is related in no way to this cartoon, the word triggered a squishy place in my brain that started singing this tune, the theme song from Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea.

And then because it’s from around the same time in my childhood, I needed to listen to the theme from the Mysterious Cities of Gold. Doot-da doot-da doot, aah-aah-aaaah, doot-da doot-da-doot, Cities of Goooooold!


I’m only a couple of years older than Adam, but he’s not familiar with either of these series! They really stuck in my head from when I was a kid. And I know they didn’t just air in Australia either. I guess they were a little more obscure and less popular. (Considering both had French versions, I’m surprised they weren’t more well known in Canada.) Although Mysterious Cities of Lost Gold carried a fanbase enough to make a sequel series and movie! I can’t wait.

What’s your favourite cheesy/not well known cartoon from your childhood? Reminisce away.


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One response to “Cartoon Flashbacks : obscure edition?”

  1. VicciScrunchie says :

    Mysterious Cities of Gold!!!!! 😀 xx

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