Things I Love Last Minute Thursday

Oh gosh, has this week felt long. Big days, and tonight has been my first catch up/try to laze day – I’ve been watching a lot of Agents of SHIELD that I’ve missed, because I went to see Captain America: Winter Solider last night. Which I loved! Which ties into… I love taking dumb selfies of myself in front of things I know my friends love. For instance, here I am in front of a Cap poster at the cinema tonight to share with my Cap-o-phile friend Katy in London.

Me and Cap, y'know.

I did a quick bit of errand-running in my neighbourhood after work, and I dropped into Apiecalypse Now! bakery (which I love) and ran into Ashley from Bunners, who is lovely! (And who has a cookbook imminent, which everyone should love). All of that plus delicious treats like chocolate sauce and a PB & chocolate cookie sammich? LOVE UP IN THIS BUSINESS.

Photo credit: Apiecalypse Now (click to see their page and DROOL).

Tomorrow I bundle into a car with Adam & our friend Kris and head to beautiful downtown Niagara Falls NY to hole up in a hotel and play a sweet motherload of board games. This is our second year attending the ‘Gathering of Friends’ convention, run by Alan Moon (he of Ticket to Ride fame). So many great folks, gaming opportunities, fun, chances to play prototypes and generally nerd out for days. I can only go on the weekends, but I’m gonna squeeze fun out like nobody’s business. Last year I got to try one of my now-favourite party games, Pick a Pig! I hope I come away with many more faves this year.

And in between those weekends my friend Amy will be in town for London! Hangouts and gorging on vegan food is imminent! YAY! I am so fond of having friends come to stay. (You may have noticed my fondness for friends earlier in the week).

Lastly, I have been loving my new wallet for a while now. I found it randomly at a store called Outer Layer on Bloor in my ‘hood, the brand is Shiraleah. I’d been looking for a smaller wallet to scale down to (in my attempt to use smaller/no purses) and this has been perfect! I keep the few cards I need plus a wee bit of money in there and i’m good. It’s pretty similar to this; I noticed it on the shelf because it was clearly marked as vegan!


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