Things Making Me Happy/I Love Thursday

I hear that today is the UN International Day of Happiness. How fortuituous that it falls on a Things I Love Thursday. It’s also a nice reminder that sometimes it can be hard to be happy, and to find happiness in your life. I think doing TILT (almost) every week helps me do that to a certain degree, and remember how lucky I am, too. The Action For Happiness folks who are behind a lot of the International Day of Happiness have a good list of actions to pick from to help foster happiness in yourself and others, too. In addition, they have a resource page if you’re unhappy, which is helpful too (barring the UK-specific contact stuff).

So, what I am I happy about today? What makes me happy, how do I make others happy?

I love making people laugh. I’m not professional comedian funny, but I can throw out a joke/bad pun/goofy face to good results. Seeing my sense of humour light someone’s face up is something I love, and it definitely makes me happy – and it’s something that I need to focus on more often because it’s a good indicator of how my general mood is.

I love Pop Culture Happy Hour. They’re generally always talking about all sorts of interesting things, and the most recent episode I listened to – The Naked and the Nerds – was really great! Plus, the host Linda Holmes does a round-up at the end of every episode for the segment “What’s Making Us Happy” – which is always a varied and entertaining bunch of stuff, and it’s a good source of things to seek out, pop culturally! This week the graphic novel The Shadow Hero was mentioned, and the way Glen Weldon was talking about it made me add it to my list of ‘to read’ stuff right away!

At the end of April I’ll be finishing up my temp job, so I’m starting to find the nerve to look for something else. My friends helping me out with looking over job applications, and sending positions of interest my way! I am super freaked out about/terrible at job hunting, so it’s nice to have the support there to help me along. Plus my current boss looking over the applications too means a lot! What lovely people in my life.

Speaking of lovely people, I really must point out once again that I dearly love Adam, and I’m so happy that he’s in my life. When I’m finding it hard to push through the sads, he’s there for me – understanding and supportive. Things I Love Thursday isn’t something that follows me naturally throughout every day, but Adam can help me toward that a little more. That guy is the best guy.

I hope, dear reader, that you have happiness today, and every day!


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