#BoardGameHour on Twitter – connecting with board gamers for discussion!

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For the last month or so I’ve been sporadically taking part in the #BoardGameHour discussions on Twitter, run by (naturally) @BoardGameHour. For an hour at 7pm GMT each Monday, folks discuss a topic and tag it #BoardGameHour – the person running it (whose name I actually don’t know, unfortunately) will do a lot of replying and retweeting so much of it pops up in your news feed as you follow along and take part. Each week’s discussion topic is sort of voted on in the lead up to each Monday – two topics are thrown out and voted on by hashtags, so it’s kinda neat that we’re having that sort of feedback each week.

Since I stopped being the social media guru at one of the board game cafes here in Toronto, I’ve tried to engage myself more personally on social media with fellow board gamers. I follow a few accounts on Tumblr, post a lot of board game photos to Instagram, take part in some of the forums on Board Game Geek – but I find that Twitter has been a great place to find gamer enthusiasts who are also into the interactions on social media in general. So the #BoardGameHour chat has been such a great thing to take part in to extend those conversations and connections. (I’m hoping to start blogging more about board games, contribute to other sites/blogs and hopefully report a little better on social media platforms at the Gathering of Friends this year!).

It looks like they’re starting to use a service called Nurph to run the chat each week if you would rather not try and follow along on Twitter (I know due to the timing – 3pm in my timezone right now – I often miss a lot, so it’ll be nice to have it separated out!). This week’s topic will be “online vs brick & mortar stores vs KS. Places for great deals, challenges for different counties and more” – so keep an eye out on Twitter or RSVP on the Nurph chat to take part in the discussion. I hope you’ll be there!


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