Things I LURVE Thursday!

  • I am still in mad love with Parks & Recreation, but in particular the way that Leslie tells Ben “I love you and I like you”. It’s such a wonderful and particular way of expressing affection for someone who is your friend that you love romantically. AWWWWW.
  • Celebrating my vegan anniversary! 12 years BABY!! I had my favourite takeout (Hot Beans) and ate my Instagram giveaway prize cake (from Tori’s Bakeshop) with my sweetie.

    12 year veganniversary course 1: nachos and burreeeetoooo from @hotbeansvegan #vegan

    A post shared by Nicole (@iheartmuseums) on

  • Knowing that I have made a positive difference in people’s lives and the way they live as a result of being vegan is something I love. It’s something I forget at times, that I can and have been a role model by living the life I believe in.
  • I love animals, man. Animals are the best. They are awesome and amazing and deserve love, every last one of them. Especially this guy:
  • My friends who strive to make the world a better place by sharing information about the mistreatment of non-human and human animals, or raising/providing resources for these causes makes me happy and full of love. Feminists, animal rights activists, those who speak out against violence, fighting phobias of those who are different. What a rad bunch of people. They help me learn, help me articulate issues better.
  • I love that I have a 3 day weekend coming up! Yesss, accrued vacation time! WOO!!

Enjoy your weekend, reader. I hope it will be rad.


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