It’s time to love up all on Thursday.

My skin’s been drier this winter than any before it, so I’m particularly in love with Lush’s Charity Pot moisturizing lotion right now. It smells so good, it’s not heavy on my skin, it keeps my skin nice (when I remember to use it enough!) plus the proceeds go to “small, grassroots charities and projects working on behalf of the environment and conservation, animal protection, and for human rights.” Win win win win.

I love that my friend Liz is coming to town tomorrow with her mister, James. YAY. Last time she was here was a couple of years ago, and although we’ve seen her & James when visiting London, it’s always nice to have my London pals come here. I miss ’em all. Here are our faces from when she visited last. We are adorable. I can’t wait to smush Canada all over James! WELCOME TO MAPLE LAND!!

Recently we tinkered with our Netflix which means we can watch the USA stuff. Which means that Adam and I have been rabidly inhaling Parks & Recreation (we just finished season 3!) and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I am fairly particular about what comedy I enjoy, and a lot of stuff like the Office, 30 Rock etc doesn’t actually make me laugh out loud, or much at all. But everything about Parks & Rec has been a wonderful and amusing ride so far. The hilarity of everyone’s comic timing, facial expressions, goofy things. I LOVE IT. Oh man. I want to be watching it always.

I love the Simpsons – up to a point. The older stuff is so genius. I will still pepper conversations with random quotes to this day, I can sing along with all the musical numbers. It’s become one with my brain. I was randomly browsing screenshots yesterday, and this came up in a social network feed today, just reminding me what a gem of comedy it is. One of my all-time favourite Homer/Homer’s brain exchanges:


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3 responses to “It’s time to love up all on Thursday.”

  1. MeShell says :

    As a fellow Office ambivalent, I guess I should check out Parks & Recreation.

    I looked at that charity pot during the Furbearer Defender demo, but I’m so bad about moisturizing that I skipped picking it up. Do you notice a big difference? I’m worried I’d need to put it in my calender or something to make it happen. 😀

    • nicolehoye says :

      It does help, if you keep it up regularly. In summer I only do it when I shave. I slacked off with it the last few weeks and have really noticed. I try to make a point of doing it before I get dressed for work, it’s a pretty good reminder/routine.

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