Rob Ford strikes again, because we haven’t had enough of him yet..

The poster boy for doing/saying before thinking is at it again. Not that thinking would likely change what Rob Ford does on a regular basis. Here in Toronto, someone had an awesome idea to have a flag raising ceremony to coincide with the start of the Sochi winter Olympics & fly a rainbow flag in support of LGBTQ rights in Russia. What a wonderful thing! You can read more about it, and the ridiculous & childish responses Rob Ford’s had since then (including demanding the flag be taken down), here at the Torontoist.

That’s our class-act Mayor right there. Throwing up a Canadian flag in his office window because Nationalistic tantrums are definitely the mature way to respond to a kind gesture about the human rights of people in Russia. Good work! There’s conversations and whatnot going on now whether or not to compromise & fly a Canadian flag too, but it seems like – in his politically hobbled state due to his recent behaviour – he won’t have a say regarding if the rainbow flag stays or goes. Let’s hope not.

But let’s face it – whether the flag stays or goes, Rob Ford’s again opened his big mouth to tell everyone what he feels, and Toronto is left face-palming in embarrassment. Ottawa’s mayor has the right idea, at least. At any rate, whether it makes a difference or not, I wrote to my Councillor here in Toronto (the text is below) because Ford needs to be reminded that he can’t be spouting this kind of harmful, Nationalistic & bigoted rubbish. It’s a shame in a country that provides equal rights for same-sex couples to have a public official speak out like this. I desperately hope he’s digging himself deeper and further away from re-election rather than endearing himself to Ford Nation.

A reminder, as always, that you can’t polish a turd – you need to wash it the hell off and disinfect everything until nothing remains.


My letter to Councillor Vaughan:

Hi, Councillor Vaughan – 

I’m a resident in your ward, at [address]. I’m emailing about Mayor Ford’s call to take down the rainbow flag that was raised in support of LGBTQ rights in Russia, timed due to the Sochi Olympics.

Kudos to whoever made the decision to raise that flag! It’s a small gesture, but admirable considering the equality afforded to same-sex couples here in Canada. I am an Australian citizen (Canadian resident) and it’s one thing that makes me proud to reside here, as my home country’s government has not yet come to the party as far as LGBTQ rights goes.

We’re all lucky here in Canada to be safe regardless of our sexual orientation, and that we are also safe to show our support of that, and be allies. The LGBTQ community and their allies in Russia are not so lucky. Please show your support and solidarity, and speak up to make sure the rainbow flag stays raised for the duration of the winter Olympics! 

Nicole Hoye.


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