APieCalypse Now! bakery in Toronto – now with storefront!

I’ve been enjoying the delicious and ethical treats from Jen @ APieCalypse Now! at Farmer’s Markets and festivals for the last couple of years. Now she’s opened up a little storefront in the Annex (589 Markham Street, Toronto, Ontario M6G 2L7, lower level – look for the raccoon on the door!) which means it’s all within walking distance now! Yesssss.

Apiecalypse Now front door

Through this door is magic..

It’s a small space with no seating, just a counter & some coolers – but those things are full of amazing and wonderful food! Selfishly I would like a place where I could sit and have a warm beverage with my treat to hang with friends, but with limited opening hours and a lot of cold treats that are make/bake at home, it makes sense to be take-out only.

Winter hours

Winter hours

Racoon eating pie

The familiar adorable raccoon that adorns Jen’s labeling & now her bakery wall.

For the grand opening weekend, I decided to really treat myself (within limits, as a lot of what I got wasn’t gluten-free and therefore sharing with Adam was off-limits). I went in on Saturday & picked up a mini-croissant, pain au chocolat, and two little sausage rolls (one apple sage, one chipotle).

Counter top of baked goods.

Pastries – croissants, pain au chocolat & sausage rolls (off to the side are Magic Squares – so good).

Counter top with sandwich cookies

I didn’t partake in the sandwich cookies this time around. Next time!

To take home, I got a delicious sausage and sqaush pot pie to bake, and a jar of Caesar dressing. One of the two coolers is full of gluten-free goodies – flavoured buttery spreads (cinnamon, garlic etc), plus sauces and dressings and the like. The other cooler’s got pot-pies, lasagnes, mac ‘n’ cheese & shepherd’s pies (the last two with GF options, woo!).

Cooler of treats.

You can see there’s ice cream & Field Roast sausages as well as Jen’s products for sale.

Jen works hard to make her products look and taste amazing, to ensure the packaging fits the bill, and that she’s happy with what goes into everything that’s going out the door with people. Her work ethic & personal ethics show through in the cafe. It’s an awesome, welcoming space that Jen has very clearly made her own. I love the stickers on the counter, and that she produces an amazing array of info cards about veganism & animal rights that are all free to takeI love vegan food – obviously – but I’m vegan because of how I feel about the use of animals, and it’s nice to see that at the forefront of Jen’s business.

Counter with LOADS of stickers.

Stickered countertop

Info cards

Stacks of info cards about veganism & animal rights – available for free!

If you’re in Toronto, or swinging through, stop by for some treats. It’ll warm your cockles & fill up your hearts and bellies. I’m looking forward to trying more of the amazing options from the Apiecalypse coolers, and hopefully a wider range of ready-to-eat treats. APieCalypse Now! 589 Markham Street, Toronto (lower level!), not far from Bathurst/Bloor. Check the opening hours before you go, and go ready to eat! Follow: Facebook, Twitter.


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