Guess what time it is? TILT time!

Toronto has no shortage of delicious vegan eateries. And although there’s awesome bakeries, they’re not super near me. I can get baked goods, but there’s no dedicated bakery. That’s about to change. I am going to BLOODY LOVE having a vegan bakery in walking distance! (Although I am moving this year most likely, so it may not be long term, I’m gonna make the most of it now). Can’t wait to stuff my face at the APieCalypse opening this weekend.

I’ve probably mentioned how great the Toronto Public Library is and how I love the stuff they do and how well they serve Toronto. They’re stepping up their game, and I love that they’re doing something this innovative! Digital Innovation Hubs, where you can get your modern nerd on. They have a 3D printer!!! Oh gosh. I’m thinking of taking the 3D printer certification just so I can wander in and use the 3D printer to my heart’s content.

Although I can find Buzzfeed and other listicle sites dull & kinda reaching for it most of the time, I quite enjoyed their list of celebrities you just know you’d be BFFs with. I’ve wanted to be BFFs with Simon Pegg since forever. BFFs with smooching. I’d be cool with anyone here really. Lucy Liu seems surprisingly rad, perhaps I should get around to watching Elementary!

I love creative folks who channel their awesome skills into making wonderful things. Like this ‘Friendzoner’ comic. So spot on. Just the best. I want to print this out and give it to every teenager.

Last of all, let’s bookend with some more food love. I love the crispy tofu cubes at Fresh. I could eat just a whole goddamned bowl of them. I want to right now. Oh man.

Fresh's crispy tofu cubes taste like magic. #heaven #vegan

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2 responses to “Guess what time it is? TILT time!”

  1. MeShell says :

    I love all of these things.

    I am so damn excited about Apiecalypse and it’s not even in walking distance!!! 😀

    Tell me more about the 3D printer certification thing?

    • nicolehoye says :

      Are you coming to the bakery to eat ALL THE THINGS on Saturday too?

      The 3D printer certification is just a little class, free of charge – they’re running a lot and you just have to complete that to use the printer independently.

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