Back around again to Things I Love Thursday

Alright, Thursday. You’ve come around again, haven’t you? January’s been a bit of a blur for me so far, and my internetting hasn’t brought me much time for blogging. But I’m clinging on!

TILT giving me a reason to keep coming back. Seriously, it’s a great and positive thing already, and realising it’s time to throw another TILT post together brings me back here. Now I just gotta get on the other stuff. (I refuse to entertain the notion of giving my links round-up up entirely, maybe I need to rethink the timing/frequency?)

Finding $2.25 in a dryer in the laundry room. Seriously, it was like a tiny fleck of gold in the mud. I used it to buy myself a (admittedly not great drip) coffee because I’m dead-tired today from having a sickly dog last night. Poor wee dude.

Realizing I have delicious cookies leftover from a meeting yesterday to have with my coffee! COOKIES.

Having a surrogate roomie for a bit! We’ve got a friend couchsurfing with us before he moves into his new pad, which means another built-in board/video game friend in the house! Yesss.

Knowing some pretty rad people. Wonderful feminists, animal lovers & rescuers, considerate folks willing to engage in great discussion about topics close to my heart. It’s great. I like being reminded there are folks like that in my slice of the world.

Writing/receiving letters. This has been wonderful of late! I am trying to get myself to send out something every 2 -3 weeks to someone. And as always, the receiving stuff is grand.

Having enough leftovers from last night’s mega salad to snack on a scaled-back version for lunch today. It’s just the greens & chick peas & dressing, but damn it’s good. (I have most of the rest of the veg as crudite snacks instead.)


What is making your Thursday rad, folks?


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