It’s time to get back to Things I Love Thursday

The start of the year has been tough to keep up with as far as regular blogging – work ramping back up, I got a stupid cold, weekends have been ultra busy etc. So let’s ease back into this nice positive TILT to get me back on the recurring bandwagon!

Green Smoothies! Oh my gosh. I’ve been taking part in the 30 day green smoothie challenge, and it’s been delicious and fantastic! There have only been a couple I haven’t enjoyed, and it’s been a terrific way to get a variety of fruits in my diet in addition to the big pile of spinach or kale that goes in, too. I love it when I get to add stuff like almond butter or cacao powder, too! Mmmm. Even if you don’t want to sign up for the challenge, take a look at the recipes they’re posting all month on Instagram (and the huge repository on their site too, for that matter).

Isa Does It! This is the latest book from vegan wizard Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and I love it! We’ve made a handful of stuff so far, that has been easy & tasty. I think that although there’s some great books out there for vegan food sometimes it’s just too much to bother with following a recipe and I’ll just throw something together. This book means I can try new stuff, and have it be pretty easy to be using recipes on a weekly basis. Yum.

Getting organised/having a clearout! It’s usually the turnover of a year or a season that kicks me in the butt to get myself motivated to clear out, purge & organise. (The enthusiastic filling of my ‘to read’ lists are indicative of that). I’ve been wanting to have a good tidy for a while, and the mojo finally kicked in. Putting stuff aside to donate/swap, ditching crap, and trying to make sense of what’s left. It feels great! And then it motivated me to get other tasks done that had been lingering, and start on some new stuff like embroidery, letter writing & the like. Good feels for the start of the year.

London! Possibly because I am reading China Miéville’s Kraken right now (set in a version of London that’s fantastical but still London), or that it’s the 255th Anniversary of the British Museum, but I have been having lots of moments of fondness for my past temporary home recently. I miss the transit system, the winding streets and alleys, the sprawl, the stores, the history that’s always right there, the museums, the friends, the Thames.. Even though I’ve been gone for almost 5 years, the sense of my London memories are still so strong, thanks to the couple of flying visits I’ve been able to make.  Remembering wandering by the Temple of Mithras, walking up Monument, sitting in the front of the DLR, peering out the tube window between Tottenham Court Road & Holborn to see the old abandoned platforms, the pubs I used to frequent, walking around Greenwich/Isle of Dogs and under the Thames in the tunnel.. It’s so vivid still! It makes an impression on you, it does.


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2 responses to “It’s time to get back to Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Ryan Walberg says :

    Congratulations on clearing out your stuff. Is Adam helping?

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