Reading reinvigoration 2014!

I used to read so much when I was a kid. Voraciously. As I’ve gotten older, hit university, full time work and the life of an internet junkie, I feel like I’ve read less. During Uni I didn’t feel I had time for leisure reading. I read a bit more when I had a commute, or was at the gym more, but it’s been a while since that’s been the case. When I’m at home now I feel like I don’t use my leisure time for reading, but for doing stuff (video gaming, RSS feed reading, general internetting, board gaming, cooking etc). Last year I read maybe half a dozen books all up, which is just rubbish. I read the first three books in the Game of Thrones series and I remembered what it was like to make time for reading, but that got interrupted.

After a few friends had recently mentioned Goodreads, I decided to check it out. I feel like having lists to check off motivates me, and helps remind me that there are specific books I’ve made note of to read. (A lot of the time I’m overwhelmed by choice and not knowing what I even want to read, so I avoid deciding at all.) I have a healthy ‘to read’ shelf on Goodreads now, have a few books on the go at the moment (a couple of cookbooks, and a couple of non-fiction pieces).  I’m looking forward to making my way through a list of stuff I have had recommended to me, or just remember seeing and thinking “Ooh, I’d like to read that!” and almost immediately forgot that. I set a pretty low target for reading, because I figure it’ll give me a couple of weeks per book and I won’t get to November and freak out, having 50 books still ahead of me 🙂 It also helps having a tablet for e-book reading/borrowing (Toronto Public Library has a great range of e-books available!).

Give me some suggestions for reading, if you’d like! You can get a decent idea of my tastes by looking at my rated/read titles on Goodreads. In general I like spec-fic, tech sci-fi or cyberpunk, fantasy, YA fiction,  biography and sciencey things. Throw at me and we’ll see! If I can set aside just half an hour each day for a little reading, I feel like I’ll be happier overall. I’m looking forward to it.

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Nicole has
read 0 books toward her goal of 26 books.



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8 responses to “Reading reinvigoration 2014!”

  1. mrtopp says :

    I heartily recommend Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim books. Also, “An Optimist’s Tour of the Future” by Mark Stevenson is excellent.

    Other recent stuff in my list that fits down the sci-fi/fantasy includes the “Petrovich” novels by Simon Morden — the first one is pretty good, and worthwhile; the sequels less so, but they’re easy reads if you’re in the midst of enjoying them.

    Brian Sanderson is a pretty good fantasy author, as far as light reads go — he takes interesting little twists on traditional fantasy and they tend to be page-turners.

  2. MeShell says :

    Reading more is one of my goals for this year too. Also, I think we pretty much read similar books.

    Have you ever read any Cory Doctorow fiction? His stuff is available from the Library and also for free on his website it’s sort of speculative, dystopic (my favourite), scifi. Read one book, and you’ll probably be able to tell if you like any of it. I started with Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom ( and really enjoyed it.

  3. Jen Damned says :

    I’m looking at Goodreads and not seeing the 26 books on the challenge list 😦 I’m reading more, too. I’ve just started Doctor Zhivago, and I see how it goes.

  4. Jen Damned says :

    Also, I’ve a Pinterest board for books and articles I’d like to read. It’s the only way my brain can remember 😛

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