The Festive Digital not-really-dozen

This time of year always brings out the fun stuff in my RSS feeds. Thematic stuff, pop culture stuff, facts and cuteness – all festive holiday-ish for this time of year. So I’m throwing a bunch together today not to hit the magic dozen, just to share what I’ve liked so far.

  • Captain Picard sings Let It Snow. Yep.
  • And just in case you need further injection of holiday Sirs who might be the world’s best BFFs:
  • One of my favourite seasonal drinks is soynog (especially with a dash of Kraken dark rum!). I’ve never had real eggnog because even when I wasn’t vegan the idea of drinking egg grossed me out. If you would like to read about the many delicious vegan options then check out MeShell’s reviews (a lot unavailable in Canada, though, booo) or have a look at some creative recipes for making your own vegan nogs. Aww yeah.
  • If you’d like to kick back and relax with that nog, Netflix have Fireplace now! Here’s a preview. I love it so much.
  • This season just breeds crafting, and some of the incredible pop culture creative kind. Happy Hothidays sweater!
  • Mental Floss do great, snappy list videos – and this one of winter holiday tradition origins is no exception!
  • I’m going to sit down this week and construct a gingerbread house with Adam, but I’m almost certain it won’t be as badass as this version of the Candy Kingdom from Adventure Time. (Process here.)
  • Even the briefest glance at Buzzfeed will show you that ‘best of 2013’ year end posts are blowing up everywhere. I’m quite partial to the Cute Overload ‘Top 10 cutest photos’ of the year‘. What a sweet way to reflect on 2013.
  • A pug version of the movie Elf. You don’t need to know anything else.
  • And how could I forget this truly touching xmas comic from Nedroid (part of the Funny Pages Zine, check it out!)

Enjoy your week and year-end, all!


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2 responses to “The Festive Digital not-really-dozen”

  1. Renée Sance (@veganza) says :

    Sirs. ❤

    There are some srs bsns Hogwarts gingerbread castles out there. eg. Gosh.

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