This week, on Digital Dozen:

  • This concept – data storage on what essentially is a post-it note – is AMAZING and I want it now, please future! So much coolness going on in this idea.
  • I’ve always known this, but it’s nice to see it in writing: Museums Make You Smarter. Much of the time it’s hard to get my adult friends to visit museums with me – there’s a preconception that they’ll ultimately be boring. But you never know what you’ll find in there! Maybe it won’t be 100% engaging (that’d be impossible – like pleasing all of the people all of the time), but you would be surprised what you enjoy, and how it carries you forward in life.
  • After all of the attention centered on Obama’s candid ‘selfies’ at Mandela’s memorial service, it’s nice to see someone pointing out there were other aspects of his visit that were eclipsed by that hype, and some of the photos are surprising, or at least unexpected.
  • I hope this enthusiastic young lady someday gets a job as  signer, because she does such an amazing job signing her school concert for her deaf parents ❤
  • You will watch this GIF and DIE OF LAUGHTER. Enjoy! (Found while Tumblr trawling.)
  • Looking for nice things to add to gifts this holiday season? These gift tags are so lovely, and printable! Or if you’re the snarky holiday type (hi, that’s me) perhaps you’re more into this delightful gift wrap:
  • Butterscotch Cummerbund is so good in that thing! Gosh. I don’t know why I started calling Benedict Cumberbatch that, but it seems like giving him other samey sounding names is a thing. And this is a wonderfully nerdy linguistic article about the factors considered in renaming good ol’ Wimbledon Tennismatch.
  • To have the patience and creativity to make your little studio into SO MANY different kinds of scenes is incredible. I’m marvelling at all of them, but this one is particularly serene and striking..
  • I enjoy the Things Organized Neatly Tumblr, and maybe you will too!
  • Let’s finish with a few Dog-ular things. First up, cats are such dicks. No wonder these dogs are antsy about trying to get past..
  • This Boston Terrier might have the best restraint of all-time. I love the other cheeky dog who comes by to sneak a cookie.
  • And I’ll leave you with Meatball the Corgi, having a good ol’ time on this playground roundabout/carousel.

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