Digital Dozen! Quite a grab bag this week.

  • This time of year has already kicked off with the buying-buying-buying frenzy. Consider a charitable donation, too? Boing Boing have an awesome, huge list of recommended charities.
  • I am so in love with these surreal photos of everyday objects floating in landscapes. I want ’em all.
  • What’s more hilarious than bloopers? A trailer for a movie cut together with said bloopers!
  • This is some beautiful photography – ‘Touching Strangers‘ – which I’ve had saved for ages. I don’t know why I haven’t shared until now.
  • I love parents and kids being creative together. This dad does colouring on his kids’ sketches and the results are super cool.
  • What’s the biggest organism on earth? This is an interesting look at a variety of ’em.
  • If you enjoy advent calendars, and nerdy information, then this is the website for you! They’re posting a nugget of sciencey goodness tinged with humour every day til the 25th.
  • Speaking of feeling festive and nerdy, how about some Game of Thrones house snowflakes? I’m already thinking about where I can hang some.
  • Mental Floss cover a bunch of common idioms and their origins:
  • Pretty in love with this Twin Peaks-inspired clothing line, especially this Welcome to Twin Peaks dress. Oh, for the figure that fits in a dress and looks good..
  • NPR put together a sort of ‘concierge’ for the best books of 2013, and oh boy do I need to read more! Jeez. Perhaps I should also check out the Sci-fi picks on Goodreads.
  • Let’s leave on this sweet note of Theo & his puppy napping. I wanna be like Theo.

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