Things I Love! And It’s Thursday! Hey, look at that.

How’s Thursday treating you, folks of the internet and beyond? I’m back to feeling the love for a TILT post, which feels nice.

I love seeing a friend’s blog post about great food things in Toronto that make me go “Oh man look at all the stuff I’m missing out on” and get my butt out of the house. So I went to the Depanneur’s Wednesday evening vegan drop-in dinner last night for Golden Latkes & Hammin Toscano. FLAVOURS! So many flavours. In the cozy warm space of the Dep, within chatting distance of the chef & owner, I felt very welcome & happy, and well fed. The latkes were super tasty (and yes, so much better when someone else makes them for you!), accompanied by beautiful apple sauce & a coconut sour cream I might have eaten spoonfuls of given half the chance.  The surprising taste sensation for me was the Hammin Toscano, a “Jewish-Italian stew made with winter greens, cannellini beans, and yuba”. I would eat a huge bowl of this every single day of my life given half the chance – such simple ingredients, but rich and hearty. I treated myself to dessert afterward, because I’ve never had rugelach before – it was a beautiful not-too-sweet pastry with pecans and chocolate hidden inside. On the side was a sorbet of poached pears and Manischewitz wine – I wasn’t overly keen on the texture, but the simple combo of those two flavours was perfection. Makes me wanna poach some pears, asap. (And I don’t even like red wine.)

The Dep Drop In Dinner

While I am indeed  lover of coffee, I also enjoy nice, quality loose leaf tea. I usually pop in to David’s Tea because there’s a store super close to me and their ingredient and allergen listings are excellent! I’ve got some nice chai mixes at the moment, and I’m really loving the seasonal Chocolate Chili Chai mix (so spice!). My favourite of the teas haunting my cupboard currently, though, is Coffee Cake. Oh MAN. Sweet, cakey, fruity. Gosh.


There’s a new addition to our household – the WiiU. While we’re having fun with a lot of games, the one I’m loving the most right now is Nintendoland. It’s a collection of twelve games, some of which are just solo play, others multiplayer (up to 5 players), or some combo of both options. I’ve had fun with the ninja castle throwing star one on my own, but my favourites to play with a group are Mario Chase, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion & Animal Crossing Sweet Days. The first two have hidden aspects: Mario is running away from Toads in Mario chase, gets a head start and can see where we all are, but we have to find Mario by running around the maze. In the Ghost Mansion, one player is a hidden ghost – as they approach players, their controllers rumble and you have to shine your flashlight to try and get them before they sneak up and catch you. Sweet Days is just ridiculous fun – players are running around trying to collect candies in their animal hats while the gatekeepers, played by one person, is chasing them around trying to poke them with a giant knife and fork. You haven’t lived until you’ve sat in a group of adults shouting “Elephant head, no! Run away! Drop some candies! Knifey is coming!!”

I love smart dudes who are working at making the world better for everyone by standing up and taking responsibility for ending violence and harassment of women. I’ve written about Jackson Katz’s thoughts on this previously, and he’s listed in that blog post, but there’s a lot of guys going out of their way to take ownership of their privelage, and do something with/about it for good. Linked also, but worth a mention specifically, is this blog Men: we can start a movement to stop violence against women and the “#BeThatGuy” campaign. I want every person who perpetrates violence and harassment against women to have those ideas wash them down with full force.

Finally, I love this video from Kid President – 20 Things We Should Say More Often. It’s a lot of great sentiment and common sense with some laughs thrown in. Very nice reminders of how we can be more considerate and thoughtful – who doesn’t need that reminder every so often?


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