The Return of the Living Digital Dozen

Hello! It’s like I never left. Almost. Enjoy! These will likely go up any time on a weekend, not just Saturdays now.

  • You know that thing, where you leave the house and you can’t remember if you locked the door? I love this visualization. So much.
  • After a while, I got sick of following Upworthy as their intro/tagline style got more and more frustrating to read. It’s why I find things like the Upworthy Generator and the amazing Upworthy: Springfield Tumblr make me laugh so friggin’ hard.
  • Google Street view is now available for national parks in the USA and Canada! I just tried it for Algonquin Park, and that’s pretty neat. (Let it load!) More details of some of the Canadian stuff is here, and worth a browse.
  • I guess if you wanted to see Middle Earth instead, that’s cool too. (For Chrome users.)
  • Forget holiday shapes and all of that business, I want some Tetris piece cookies! It might let me pause to play before scoffing them ALL.
  • Do you need to experience the photoshop marvel that is Dirds? You do.
  • The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was very recently, and there was a lot of great celebratory stuff that popped up from it, like this great interactive time travel timeline, and these videos:

  • Circuit stickers are such a cool design idea! I wouldn’t hesitate to have these up all over my walls. So shiny.
  • If I wasn’t sure I’d feel like a blimp wearing some of their stuff, I’d be ALL OVER the Black Milk Adventure Time collection. And speaking of blimps Finn & Jake floated through the Thanksgiving parade in NYC this week.
  • Dogs are so great. Case 1: dogs popping balloons.
  • Dogs are SO great. Case 2: wonderful portraits of wet dogs that are almost like caricatures.
  • I love beautiful, functional architecture like this bridge.

2 responses to “The Return of the Living Digital Dozen”

  1. Jen Damned says :

    No. 5 wet dog is my favourite.

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