A slightly different digital dozen this week!

This week I need to have a briefer internet weekend, with a lot going on and not much downtime in my week/evenings to pre-prepare this post! So I’m going to share with you a handful of sites that I like to poke around on, follow the feeds of, to get fun stuff to read about and look at each week.

Boing Boing A blog of all sorts of things – technology, politics, gadgets, and general interest.

Geekologie Weird pop culture, general gadgetry and fun info.

The Mary Sue All sorts of wonderful nerdy pop culture!

Laughing Squid Lots of geekery, art, design and technology.

Upworthy Although I hate their click bait blurbs, I generally enjoy the food for thought in these posts.

Okay, fine – I can’t resist leaving you without at least something awesome. First of all, lose yourself scrolling down these maps, marveling at the wonder of etymology. And next, do yourself a favour and watch this great animation of classic paintings – the long string of raspberry blowing is just the best.


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