Things I Love Thursday

I love that Adam’s cafe, Fahrenheit Coffee, has won Best Coffeehouse in NOW Magazine’s Best of Toronto reader’s poll! I am so proud of how skilled he’s become, and how he’s amassed a huge amount of knowledge and his passion for coffee has flourished. That he gets to do it in a quality workplace like Fahrenheit is fantastic. Just look at this beautiful cortado he made me a while back..

22: Made me smile. #fmsphotoaday #coffee Cortado Swan! Ala @senor_zilcho xoxo My first coffee in days.

While I love playing the physical versions of board games, sometimes it’s nice to poke at your tablet and zoom through a game instead (and much easier for travel purposes!). Obviously I prefer it when developers include Android devices in their board game to mobile game ports – for selfish purposes, owning a Nexus 7 tablet – but I love that top quality ports are happening at all! (And sometimes I get to try them on Adam’s iPad). So I love seeing a great game – Lords of Waterdeep – getting what looks like a pretty great mobile version developed, by the looks of this brief video. It should be out soon, I’m hoping to give it a try!

Snail mail is one of my favourite things – especially postcards! Even those of you who know me in passing online have probably seen me post about my wall plastered with ’em. Beyond those little scraps of ephemera, I don’t really send or receive real snail mail letters anymore, just an occasional parcel for presents or something coming in that I ordered. (Or stuff like my recently received permanent residency card, and renewed ROM membership, exciting stuff to get!). So when MeShell posted about this pen pal program, I signed up not thinking of how rubbish I am at writing or being creative, and just hoping it turns out fun (and ignoring the part where I worry my pen pal won’t like me). Never in my life do I think I’ll reach the beautiful heights of letter writing as this, however.. I could eat up little sentences like  ” I have never seen such an agreeable likeness of a hedgehog, and the volcano in the background is magnificent.

I have also been trying to find love and delight in the small things – trying to start some new books, making movie plans with friends, looking forward to seeing the Evil Dead musical now it’s back on stage in Toronto. These little things should keep me buoyant until such time as the rest of my brain catches up with life.

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