Digital dozen, get it while it’s hot!

  • Because dogs are wonderful, especially when caught in a strange pose: SHAKE, the book, is a collection of photographs of dogs caught at high speed while shaking off water. I mean, come on:
  • Do you love Sriracha hot sauce like I do? Read a little about the company and CEO behind it. Keeping it nice and simple, I like it.
  • Platypi are awesome creatures. I saw one in the wild once! It was so quick and nimble. I’ve never seen footage of one enjoying playing and belly rubs though. It’ll make you grin.
  • These illustrations are kind of a mixed bag, but I particularly enjoy the post-apocalyptic and surreal ones.
  • Would you like to be terrified? Enjoy! (In particular, the tongue biter will give me nightmares.)
  • When crowdsourcing goes very right – Alternatives to the Singularity, where “a bunch of funny people, futurists, and weirdos created 80+ variations on the theme of Singularity”. It’s worth going through the whole slideshow linked, but I particularly enjoyed the meta-ness of the Collabularity.
    New Picture (2)
  • It’s a shame that the studios churning out Batman and Superman movies won’t take the time to get their shit together for Wonder Woman movie. Look at this terrific short that some folks put together, and how even something not big budget can look exciting and feature badass ladies!
  • I am baffled by ‘The Fox’ by Ylvis, but I am delighted when Cookie Monster asks what the fox says, and the fox follows up by asking what Cookie Monster says. Sesame Street ❤
  • More for superhero nerds.. The trailer for the upcoming Captain America sequel has been released, and it looks rad! I’m also interested in how film companies are starting to use Instagram to tease upcoming stuff, like this snappy little X-Men Days of Future Past morsel.
  • Just look at these sweet-ass caffeine molecule coffee/espresso cups. I miss the caffeine molecule mug I used to have that mysteriously vanished from the sharehouse I used to live in here in Toronto 😦
  • When Adam watched this the other night, he immediately decided he wanted an adult-sized one – and who can blame him?
  • Artist Isiah Stevens has done a series of Disney Princesses dressed up as other characters for Halloween, and it’s pretty ingenious, looks amazing. (And he’s starting to do male Disney folks too!)

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2 responses to “Digital dozen, get it while it’s hot!”

  1. quavehead says :

    Wow, nifty stuff. How do you get to these? I think the book of dogs caught while shaking would be pretty similar to a book of me caught dancing.

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