Lazy, late-ish Digital Dozen.

This is later than I usually get around to posting my link wrap-up for the day! So if you’re browsing through over a night cap, or you’ve found this to peruse over your morning cuppa, enjoy!

  • Great Showdowns are always wonderful, but these recent ones pushed special buttons for me: The Goonies & Serenity.
  • Straw sculptures: they’re a thing, and they’re more awesome than sand sculptures. See? (This one especially great due to dog cameo.)
  • Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but small victories can matter. Keep it in mind when it’s a struggle to have people understand where you’re coming from, like fighting to have people understand stuff like rape culture is shitty.
  • Bad lip reading is pretty fun at the best of times, but they outdid themselves with the Game of Thrones “MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD” trailer:
  • Oreos are like drugs! The more you know.
  • The patterns of how people name is so interesting to see! Check out this shifting look at lady name trends in the USA:
  • And in more demographic statistical mapping that is possibly not really real but great anyhow..
  • Some folks can really be truly deluded in ridiculous things, like that homosexuality can be cured. Stephen Fry interviewed one of them.
  • Urge to somehow own a home just so I can wallpaper it with awesome prints, for instance:
  • And maybe some pretty awesome glow in the dark sheets to complete the magical wonder of decor?
  • I am extraordinarily fond of these newly suggested additions to the German language. Plauschplage, always.
  • Long exposures have always been a favourite photographic technique of mine, but I don’t get a chance to take advantage of it often (especially due to lack of tripod & SLR). These are hauntingly beautiful long exposures of couples sleeping that look so ethereal.

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3 responses to “Lazy, late-ish Digital Dozen.”

  1. Renée Sance (@veganza) says :

    Oooh, name trends are an interest of mine. What a great map. 🙂 I like – in the 70s – the obsession with Jennifer finally abates with Amanda in 1979. I was almost an Amanda, but parental minds changed… phew. I am not very Amanda… but I am totes looking into that wallpaper and glow-in-the-dark sheets.

  2. Renée Sance (@veganza) says :

    Also, I can’t decide whether to movie to northern Europe or Sri Lanka.

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