Things I <3 Thursday!

One Thursday a month I have a long day at work, so it’s nice that I can write up a post like this to not focus on that but instead the Good Stuff. Roll on..

  • When Jake first gets up in the morning, he comes over to say hi before he goes out with Adam, and when they come back in Jake hops straight up next to me so we can cuddle til I have to get up and ready for work. It’s the best thing. Love that furmonster.
  • Being in a positive work environment with a lovely boss has been something I’ve been thankful for a lot lately, and it’s been very healing for my mental state. It’s nice to feel appreciated.
  • I’ve been using my Cuppow lid with my crochet-covered mason jar as my go-to travel mug lately, and it’s killer!
  • That I’ve been able to keep up with photo challenges, and be mostly happy with my output. Hoorah!
  • Delicious aspartame-free Pur Gum. In peppermint, only, though!
  • Isa Chandra’s got a new series of short cooking videos, Make it Vegan, and what I’ve watched so far I’ve loved! I think Terry Hope Romero’s working on a series of Vegan Mashup too. So many wonderful ladies making things!



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