Thanksgiving without cruelty.

I am fortunate to know a lot of wonderful vegans in the city of Toronto, who in turn also know other awesome vegans and offer to host a big ol’ potluck for a big group of us. Marissa is a superstar host, and she made sure we were all at home and comfortable to enjoy the wonderful company and incredible food. She also got a bunch better photos than me last night, so I may have grabbed a few from her Instagram stream! Thanks, Marissa xo

What i’d like to say before launching into the photos is this: it’s an incredibly positive experience spending an evening with like-minded people who have come together with at least one thing in common (veganism) to share their food and hang out together. It is so nice to be surrounded by friends at the best of times, but to not have to justify myself and my choice to be vegan at any point, and to focus on the deliciousness and variety of food rather than it being singled out as vegan (and usually inferior, depending on the crowd..). I am thankful to have spent my evening in this way! Thanksgiving isn’t something I grew up with, but as a reason to get together for company, food and fun – I’m definitely going to continue that tradition. Now, photo time!

A selection of the Lovely people from my couch spot:


Marissa had a spread of appetizers out and ready to go when we arrived. Home made vegan cheeses, GF breads, crudite, pickles and olives (yay!). It was hard to not fill up on this deliciousness.

#gf #veganthanksgiving #vegan #whatveganseatAppetizer table!

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There was so much going on for main courses that it doesn’t even all fit in this shot! We contributed the GF vegan sausages on the left, and in addition there was: corn casserole, 7 layer shepherds pie, roasted root vegetables, kale salad, quinoa salad, spicy okra, roasted potatoes, Field Roast Celebration roast, Tofurky, gravy and soup! Oh man.

The main buffet #veganthanksgiving #whatveganseat #gf #vegan

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The crowd at the buffet:


I piled my plate pretty darn full, if you can make everything out here:


And not to be outdone, we pulled out all the stops for dessert, too! In addition to some mulled cider, Adam made a banana maple rum cheesecake to bring (omg). In addition, there were pumpkin spice donuts, a pumpkin pie pudding, some chocolate from Chocosol, whipped ‘cream’ and a wonderful apple cranberry crisp. Mmmm!


Dessert table!! #vegan #gf #veganfoodshare

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Glarrrrrgh oh yeah. #vegan #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #thanksgiving

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Getting creative with wrapping my leftovers, I made a foil turkey!

@iheartmuseums taking her leftovers home in style! #veganthanksgiving #whatveganseat #vegan

A post shared by Marissa (@vegantravelgirl) on

And we capped off the evening with some board games!



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