Things I Love (Late) Thursday..


Today was busy! Too busy to collect my thoughts. This evening has been all about just relaxing. So now as I head to bed, I’ll leave you with some things I loved this Thursday.

– Getting out to a farmer’s market I rarely visit, to pick up a little produce (organic kale, and garlic, whee!) & try what the Brixton Grill has to offer. I got a pretty delicious BBQ seitan sandwich and lathered it with more BBQ sauce plus sauerkraut and pickles. All in all pretty good except for slightly too-chewy seitan.

– Finally getting to visit Through Being Cool, Toronto’s newest vegan bakery. Their space is to die for! Beautiful store front, such a spacious area with hardwood floors and a gorgeous HUGE workspace in the back. I grabbed a donut (of course) and a pizza bun for lunch tomorrow. Can’t wait to get over that way again, Amanda’s worked hard on that place and is turning out incredible stuff. I’m still pretty sad a certain board game cafe stiffed her when she they’d said they’d stock her stuff. But now I can give my money straight to her!

– Having a moment to myself to just sit outside in the park at Dufferin Grove and watch bees floating about gathering pollen (above)

– I love Adam. It’s true of all days, but today I just feel extra specially aware of how lucky I am to have such a supportive partner by my side. I’ve been trying hard to reciprocate for him as he’s had a busy couple of weeks either side of our trip.

– My vegan posse (and extended circle of friends related to it) here in Toronto. What a super awesome bunch of people they are. I’m excited to spend Monday with quite a few of them celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving in a cruelty-free way with a massive potluck!

– I got the first little burst of motivation to get back to regular exercise yesterday thanks to my friend Cheryl. I’m so bloody sore today. But I hope it means I can find time in my schedule again for it like I so easily used to.

Until next time, Thursday!


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2 responses to “Things I Love (Late) Thursday..”

  1. Marilyn says :

    Beautiful! Love it when I get a chance to read!

  2. nicolehoye says :

    Thanks 🙂

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